Monday, August 13, 2012

Mineral Bust

There are two species of mineral makeup: pressed and loose powders. I like the pressed powder versions, of which I mix two shades of the now-discontinued Sephora Collection Mineral Foundation Compact (with a five year supply hoarded away). 

But there are times in life when loose minerals are needed. My current loose mineral makeup is Dior Diorskin Nude Natural Glow Fresh Powder Makeup in 020 Light Beige. I was initially bowled over, but now I'm feeling a trifle discontented. There is a fragrance which irritates my nose; the color doesn't quite match. 

The hint of yellow in my undertone makes foundation shopping a pain; often I come out too pale (ghostlike), too orange (Oompa Loompa), or too yellow (bilious). 

Most mineral makeups steer in "The Neutral Zone" (Star Trek reference); not many variations in term of undertones. Bare Minerals, however, embraces extremes; the lighter shades have strictly straight yellow or pink undertones.

Worst come to worst, I am prepared to purchase two bareMinerals Matte Foundations and mix them. But first I want to explore all my options. 

1) Elizabeth Arden Mineral Makeup Foundation SPF 20. It is freshly shaved, like the Clinique Mineral Makeup, and I happily pounced on the tester in Macy's. Shade 2, which is the lightest, was very dark. Like, brown. I slunk away, dispirited.  

2) Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup SPF 15. The colors are all pretty neutral. The differences between "Extra Light" and "Light" is pretty major; one is way too light, the other way too dark. Considering how Bobbi Brown's makeup all has yellow undertones, I felt gypped.  

3) Lancome's Ageless Minerale Skin-Transforming Mineral Powder SPF 21 (I wonder about that "21." Sounds kind of arbitrary when it comes to skin protection, no?) 

The counter I approached claimed it was being discontinued, but an email to the company disproved that. Then again, whenever I email a company asking, "Is it being discontinued?" they send back a "Perish the thought!" and it is discontinued anyway. 

I could not find the Lancome in stores, only on websites. 

Since Nordstrom offers free shipping and free returns, I decided to go with them. As for color selection, I prowled online reviews until someone said the magic word, "yellow": Natural Ivory 30. 

I bought it and tried it. Too dark. Back it goes. 

So I've decided there's nothing for it: I'll just have to get two bareMinerals Matte Foundation, in Fair and Golden Fair, and mix the two.  

Or stop whining and buy the Dior again.

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FrumGeek said...

Hm. You see word 'bust' in the title, but when you click it, it's something else entirely...