Monday, March 26, 2012

Cleansing . . . With a Vengeance

I was intrigued by all that I heard regarding face brushes, so I purchased the DDF Revolve 400x Micro-Polishing System. Every night, I use the brush with the bristle attachment and a cleanser of my choice. The bristles are not harsh, but they are thorough, cleansing deeply and exfoliating lightly to remove the accumulated dirt of the day.
My skin is definitely happy with this regimen, glowing merrily. The summertime leaves my face ravaged by blemishes; this past summer they were rare. I barely get breakouts anymore, poo poo.

There are also many of these brushes available, such as:

Olay Professional Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System (this comes with only the bristle attachment; available in drugstores);

The Conair Facial Sauna System comes with an electric facial brush;

The priciest are the Clarisonic Systems;

For non-electric use, there is skin brushes like Earth Therapeutics Softouch Complexion Brush.


The Professor said...

I know this isnt the appropriate post for this, but have you seen this site? Its a rather cool idea.

Princess Lea said...

But I love my clothing equally! I couldn't bear to be parted from any of them.

iRiR said...

I can't believe you use this stuff on your face. You rub your face and you introduce a host of problems. I find that when I wash my face with plain water, and a light soap when make-up-ed, facial annoyances are much less likely to make an appearance. Once I start with exfoliators and what-nots, good luck to me.

Princess Lea said...

When I used weak soap and water, my face wasn't happy. There are different kinds of face types, and mine has been glowing with daily brushing. Is your skin sensitive?

iRiR said...

No, it's not sensitive. Right, like you said: what works for you, do. No results are similar when it comes to faces and face products.