Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Battle of the Bulge: Location, Location, Location

Sugar and I, we go way back. It would seem, however, my daily need for its company was not the best thing.
But being what it is, I of course have had to find ways to consume it moderately. 
  • I opt not to have my sugar first thing in the morning. Then the rest of the day stretches before me, and I crave another hit all too soon. Therefore, I have my sugar later in the day.

  • I eat my sugar as a dessert. Meaning, I can only eat it after tucking away a meal. When I am full, then I won't eat so much of it. I used to come home from work and ravenously fall upon the cake, unable to pack it away. If I have a meal first, then I'll just need a taste or maybe even none at all.

  • I cannot have it every day. I keep it nowadays to Shabbos and Sunday. My sugar hits; a piece of cake (homemade, made with whole wheat pastry flour, skimped oil/apple sauce, and evaporated cane juice) or two, and maybe a piece of snack-size chocolate. The Hershey's Bliss in White Chocolate is sinfully delicious. 
When it comes to weight, it's about accumulated calories. So now I have a fraction of sugar that I would usually consume. That adds up (or subtracts down?)

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