Friday, October 12, 2012

Battle of the Bulge: Bye Bye Three Musketeers

The current tally after Step 1 & Step 2, is the -10 pound victory, due to healthy foods and mealtimes. This happened quite a while back, with a few years in between, after tackling each level and pinning it into submission.

I stumbled onto my next step quite by accident.

My skin wasn't behaving, constantly breaking out, leaving me desperate to try anything. There are debates back and forth as to whether chocolate causes blemishes; while there are plenty who claim it is a myth, many say otherwise.

At that point, following lunch, I would regulalry have a snack size of chocolate. Really not much. A bite-sized square (or two) of Milky Way.
Two of those. Really.
I quit. 

And I lost 5 pounds.  

No one believed me.

"That's it? Just from stopping to eat a bite of chocolate every day?"

"Yeah. I'm sorry." 

Step 3: Kiss Your Candy Goodbye

Well, not completely. Because I don't have my Zeidy's sweet tooth for nothing. Although he never ate anything with nutritional value.

Since my sugar and I shall remain together forever, I will explain next how I keep the sweet stuff in my life.


tesyaa said...

I often wonder how people who keep strict cholov yisroel could ever have a weight problem, if Hershey's and Mars are off limits.

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

First of all, those who don't snack on non-cholov Yisroel do snack on pizza and cold cuts instead.
Secondly, yes you lost weight but really, is a life without chocolate really worth living?

Gavi said...

Chocolate is really a special-occasion treat, much as Hershey would have you believe otherwise. The saturated fat content is through the roof and really adds up when you eat it every day.

Princess Lea said...

Tesyaa: What, the CY don't have access to awesome chocolate? Sure they do! Even in snack size, nowadays.

MGI: Of course it's not worth living! I'm going to explain in a week or two how I restrict it, but still, of course, have it.

Gavi: I didn't realize that until I stopped eating it every day!

tesyaa said...

Yes, but it's less accessible... the vending machines in my office don't sell CY chocolate, for example. If I actually have to go somewhere to buy chocolate, I'm less likely to eat it.

So I don't keep chocolate in my desk, but if my co-workers leave it out in common areas, I might eat it. If I have to walk to a vending machine, I'm less likely to eat it, but it's still a good possibility I will. If I have to actually leave the building, it's highly unlikely I'm going to make a special trip for candy. It's like those diagrams with concentric circles.

Princess Lea said...

Ha! In my case, my chocolate had been purchased at the local Target, and I rarely, I mean very, very rarely, succumb to the vending machine. Since I obsess over the nutritional facts, it's just not worth all the reading. So even with cholov stam, I place barriers to make it less accessible.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the loss! How long did it take you to get those 5lbs off?

Princess Lea said...

This was a while back, but I remember it had to have been fast enough for me to make the correlation. A two to four weeks, maybe?