Monday, October 29, 2012

Model Cheekbones

You notice how supermodels tend to have sculpted cheeks?
You guessed it: Fake. 

Fake, fake, fake.

It's actually not that hard to do; with the use of darks and lights, one can have runway-ready cheekbones. Since my grandmother's awesome cheekbones refused to be passed on, I have to opt for optical illusions.

I'm not a fan of bronzer on the apples of the cheeks, since I believe that pink blush is much prettier there; cheeks are supposed to be rosy! But when it comes to contouring, that's where bronzer is useful.

Technically it doesn't have to be bronzer, it can be any sort of eyeshadow or some such that is a few shades darker than the skin tone, and preferably matte. The one I'm currently using is Tarte's Matte Waterproof Bronzer. It looks deceptively light in the holder, but it delivers perfect contouring color. 

Sephora came out with their own line of bronzers, with two matte shades: Los Cabos, which is referred to as "universal," and Bora Bora, which online doesn't look very different. Maybe it's a tad darker? 

Whatever makeup books I looked at were terribly vague on the method. They would show where darker or lighter shades should go, but no advice as to what or with. 

YouTube to the rescue! These videos were absolute saviors. 

The set she uses by Coastal Scents above can be found here.

I use the e.l.f Blush Brush, which is tapered on both ends as well as being flat, making it beyond simple to apply contouring in a neat line. 
Since I have a large forehead I bring some of that contour powder up to my hairline. The contouring also makes the face look slender, so I have been thought to be crash-dieting by the crossing guard ("Dawling, you are too skinny!")

A dark powder or cream can also be used to make a nose look more slender, or to diminish the severity of a second chin.

Brush up on your fish face!


Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

You know how Meg Ryan has no facial expressions but also no wrinkles?
Also fake, but for a different reason.

Tovah11 said...

I also wrote about the Tarte matte bronzer. It really is wonderful!

Princess Lea said...

MGI: Meg Ryan became unwatchable the moment she had her first Botox shot.

Tovah: Great stuff!