Friday, October 5, 2012

Questionable Myth

When articles bash shidduch questions, they usually snort, "Who cares what sort of tablecloth they use, or what she wears on Friday night, or if she stacks the plates!"

That is all well and true, except are these questions actually being asked?

There have been, of course, mothers of hypothetical sanity who requested off-the-wall information. But I don't think even they ever asked about table etiquette or robe selection or if I had ruach or not in camp (I didn't.)

Does anyone have any first-hand knowledge of such inquiries?


Anonymous said...

Good question--I've wondered that myself. I tend to doubt it, myself.

Though my mother (as a reference) did get a call recently where the boy's mother spent a good few minutes trying to pin down the exact shade of the girl's hair color and how "comfortable" her family was (my mother's response was "I don't know what they have in their bank account, my friend and I don't discuss things like that"). So while the (possibly mythological)questions you mention are just silly, there are people out there who have no shame when it comes to shidduch questions.

Garnel Ironheart said...

I've heard about the Friday night clothing one, it usually revolves around whether she dresses up or wears a Shabbos robe. Apparently that matters to some people.

Princess Lea said...

Shidduch questions are unintentionally hysterical. The good ones are better than anything "robe or skirt with zipper."

All hail elastic.