Monday, October 15, 2012


I never used to bother with cheek color. I didn't really understand its purpose. 

"You look so pale," Ma objected. "Here, just a tap . . ." 

I attempted to fend her off. Until I noticed that a swipe of pink along the cheeks can be quite fetching. It adds life, creating an image of cheerful health. In the wild, it would prove that one can bear healthy offspring. 

Bronzer has its place, but it is not synonymous with blush (I'll get there later).  

My current blush is Illamasqua Powder Blusher in Hussy (why can't they use classy names like "Museum Attendee" or "College Graduate"?) It's matte, as are many Illamasqua  products, and it is a vibrant shade, so I have to use it sparingly.
But that's me: I like COLOR. There are plenty of options available for those who want to go tamer.
Like these in's color comparison.
For her fairer skin, Ma bought the Illamasqua in Tremble, which is much lighter than Hussy.
This is Nymph,which is darker than Tremble but lighter than Hussy, via
As for my brush? I use one that was on clearance in Marshall's, the EcoTools Blush Brush. It applies color buff-ingly, meaning no stark lines.
However, there is a big variety in what sort of brush to use, whether full, angled, kabuki, flat-top; whatever brings you joy. 

For how to choose and how to apply: 

Next I'll discuss contouring—that's when we use bronzer!


tesyaa said...

No matter how little time I have for makeup, I always wear blush. If I have to I can get away with nothing else, but I can't get away without blush.

Princess Lea said...

Sometimes when I'm without it I look like an extra from "Twilight."

Anonymous said...

wat do u think of - they claim on nov 11 the shidduch crises will end

Princess Lea said...

1) I don't believe there is a "shidduch crisis." Take away the assumption that everyone has to be married by 21, and presto, no dating issues.

2) And I can claim that I am actually Carrie Fisher.

All I saw was a melodramatic video claiming we are all doomed to die alone, which is kinda irreligious and inflammatory. They don't advertise their method. That doesn't prove anything. And I find it unlikely that a dating website (if that's what it is) will solve anything. We have to stop outsourcing our private lives to public technology.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video link...I always sort of knew I wasn't applying blush the "right" way but I guess I'm too lazy to do this kind of research on my own... this morning I tried the two finger next to my nose to begin the stroke and I could SEE how much better it looked.

Princess Lea said...

The internet has an amazing amount of tutorials (some good, some bad) but if you see a makeup guru who actually looks good, her videos are worth checking out!

Glad to be of help!