Friday, November 9, 2012

Eyeliner Updated

After my initial eyeshadow post, I shopped around. I tried to be open. I tried gel liners, liquid liners, pencils. 

And you know what?  

Powder liner is the best

Every other one I tried ended up all over my face. And I don't ever, ever, touch my eyes (rubbing could facilitate wrinkles). Yet how did I end up with black smudges on my lower cheek and under my nose? 

I know I recommended that for Shabbos one should use sealant in conjunction with loose powder liner, but I have found that just using powder liner with a little water stayed on great all through Shabbos. The sealant is more necessary for a multiple-day yontif. 

Powder liner is also extremely versatile. Below is a video where she uses Mac black eyeshadow as a liner, I'm guessing in Carbon. It's the same makeup artist in both, so I guess she's a powder liner fan.

I apply eyeliner beneath my upper lashes for an appearance of fullness, and distinctly along my lower lash line. 
I have yet to try the "winged" look myself, since I think it is hard to do get right and can end up looking deforming if executed incorrectly. Just a simple swipe of black liner along the lower lash line will make one look stunning (it's kind of embarrassing how many Kim Kardashian makeup tutorials I have bookmarked. While that gal is no role model, she has great makeup looks).


the gelt said...

i'm intrigued. powder liner comes right off of me - i find myself going back to bobbi brown gel eyeliner in cobalt for my brown eyes.

she just released a kohl liner, if you're interested! it's a perfect, sooty black. it just won't stay firmly in place for me.

i weep.

Tovah said...

Forr the liner to really stay on, I use both. Either powder with gel or pencil and gel.

That's when I really put in some energy, which isn't very often. lol.

Princess Lea said...

Gelt: Powder liner mixed with a little water lasts for-eva on me. Everything else looked liked I finished chopping up onions.

Ooh! A cake kohl liner! Me likee! Thanks for telling me!

Tovah: Hmm. Powder alone does the trick for me. But if I am in need, thanks for the tip.