Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Pardon My Gray Matter

"How do you know that?"


What is up with men who are flabbergasted if I know something?

We both went to college, right?

We both read in our spare time, no?

We both have access to that wonderful being, internet, correct? 

We both have an interest in the world that surrounds us, I believe?

Do I ask you how do you know something?

Why ask me?

Oh, right. I'm just a ditzy female. My bad. Pass me a cup so I can drool into it.


PremonitionsofanAfterthought said...

grrrr! This is when my pesudo-feminist side gets angry! Stupid guys who ask why you know things, or when you ask them what they're learning in shiur they say "oh, you wouldn't get it, it's not for girls." Try me. I've gotten it from ordinairy folk as well though...when I got engaged a well meaning highschool colleague said "Oh my goodness- you found someone smarter than YOU!?!? He must be a crazy genius" No, Hon- he's not. It's called reading. Try it. Those guys though...grrr- to me it reeks of a bit of misogyny, like when men say "Oh you know, women read Mishpacha for the recipes..." (well those ARE the only well written articles in the whole magazin.....) oy don't get me started....

ACLD said...

Ha! I can completely commiserate! I was once on a date with a guy who seriously couldn't handle the fact that I knew what he was talking about everytime he brought up some esoteric sefer or figure in Jewish History and what not. Clearly the women in his life don't know much more than how to cook up a potato kugel...I'm waiting for the guy who actually appreciates that I like to know and am interested in just about everything

FrugalFrumFashion said...

It's actually kind of funny when you think about it. Poor, naive guys.

Not funny to be on the receiving end though, I know.

Princess Lea said...

POAA: "It's called reading. Try it." Perfection!

At least, they shouldn't be so obvious about it—would it kill you to pretend?

ACLD: One can know how to make potato kugel and know the Rambam's timeline.

I also love history, but also from a practical position of not making the same mistakes. This fellow should have read up on Beruriah . . .

FFF: Naivete gets old so fast.

Loving your new avatar! Adorable!

Lost and Found said...

You didn't say what the topic was but I think it's natural to express surprise over someone being familiar with certain topics.

I know I was fairly surprised when a girl started quoting to me hilchos eruvin. I was very happy that it would be a dialogue rather than a monologue, but I did find it unusual.

Princess Lea said...

LAF: It has happened regardless of topics, from the very trivial to the very highbrow.

Even if the fellow in question is shocked, I never want to hear, "How do you know that?"

One can say, "Oh, that sounds interesting, do you recall the source for that information as I would like to read up the subject?" as a cover.

Lost and Found said...

Hm, ok. I've been on the receiving end of similar sentiments and was never terribly bothered it. I don't think guys do it to girls significantly more than the other way around.

Princess Lea said...

More than half of the guys I go out with feel a need to say it. It gets old real fast.

As for girls saying it, I don't. I can't speak for the rest of girlkind, only myself.