Sunday, November 18, 2012


"Where are you going?

He ignores my pleas, heading purposefully down the hall, cable line bouncing behind him down the steps. I stagger after, clutching a blanket around my frozen frame, finding that flannel pajamas is no match for such frigid temperatures

The darkness conceals his exit, but I rush as fast as I can, painfully stubbing thoroughly numb toes

"Wait!" I weep. 

Slam. He's left me.

Sniffling, I shuffle into the unlit kitchen and rummage for a candle. By the dim flame, I morosely pull out the bin from the pantry containing Kit-Kats, and get to work.  

Being single, I have had my share of dating disappointments. While current culture would have me emotionally binge after every letdown, I have managed not to. 

It was only by Sandy, when the power abandoned me, that I realized what I truly hold dear. 

Not light. Not heat. Not hot water. 

When basic cable strode out the door, I went to pieces. 

After toying with me for nearly two weeks, he has finally come back, quietly clicking on, as though hoping I wouldn't make a big deal of his return. 

I decided to accept this belated apology, and we do not speak of his betrayal.

I only sigh with relief and joy, stroking the remote, and settling down to a Law & Order that I have seen at least four times.          


FrumGeek said...

This is why it pays to own DVDs. Incase the cable goes out, you still have 15 discs of Lord of the Rings to watch :P

Princess Lea said...

Sweetie, if there is no power, DVDs aren't much bloody help, are they? Of course I have LOTR (although I think I would go with Serenity first) but NO POWER is NO POWER!!!

FrumGeek said...

What about a battery powered DVD player or laptop? And if that fails, a good tv replacement is comic books. (You know Joss came out with a few Firefly comics, right? It even has Book's backstory!)

Princess Lea said...

Fully charged, my laptop battery has life for two hours. I was not eager to use up gas in order to charge up the dang thing.

Book's backstory? So he actually did used to work for the Alliance? It was only hinted to in one episode and never solved.

Thanks for the comic heads up. To the library!