Friday, November 2, 2012

I Liiiiiiiive!

Despite the fact that posts have been going up regularly this week, I have not had power, ergo no internet access. 

And, yes, I have managed to cling to my last vestiges of sanity. 

I think. 

Hoping to catch up soon to comments! 


Single on the Scene said...

first thought='no internet!?!??! how are you MANAGING?!?!?!"
hang in there Princess-we r rooting for u!

Sporadic Intelligence said...

Congrats on maintaining your sanity. I've lost it completely. (I don't have power either...)

Princess Lea said...

If one goes crazy, and there is only family to witness it, has one truly lost one's mind?

Sporadic Intelligence said...

Good point. I take back my previous comment ;)