Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Kudos to Charlize Theron, who was the most rockin' evil stepmother ever—complete with killer wardrobe.
There are many aspects to successful outfit assembly, but one item is desperately needed to be able to compute effectively. 

A full-length mirror.

When putting together a look, there is the idea of balance. For instance, if one is wearing a flary skirt, then the top has to be more structured and close-fitted. 

One cannot wear a boxy jacket with a full skirt. While the two items are chic in themselves, they have to be paired correctly. A mirror will help the wearer gauge that.
How pregnant does she look?
A box jacket is best worn by top-heavy individuals who gain up there but not down there, which means pencil skirts are the way for them to go.
As I mentioned, I adore full skirts, but they do not return the favor. I simply look, well, gigantic. The above look would suit me, but not everyone. 

What should be worn with a full skirt? Tops that define the waist. A tucked-in blouse or sweater, perhaps with a belt on top. A structured jacket that follows one's figure, tapering in where needed. A blazer that is, of course, not too long.

And the fact of the matter is, for the pencil skirt wearer, while boxy and baggier tops are an option, there are more possibilities.
Carolina Herrera
Purchase a long mirror to make sure your look balances. It's not enough to assemble; the pieces must be compatible.
Very Grimm.


the gelt said...

dita von teese is an excellent sartorial inspiration - she wears pencil skirts and full skirts with aplomb. and, when she isn't engaged in her profession, she dresses with a surprising amount of modesty.

Garnel Ironheart said...

Yes, Charlize Theron could've been Darth Vader's mom in that picture. Yeah, yeah, I know, wholesome ol' Shmi but what did that get her? Dead.

Nechama said...

Apples and Pears... you should so link to that awesome post.

Princess Lea said...

TG: DVT (when she's being decent) is the epitome of 50s elegance. That era had fashion to die for.

GI: No, no, no mixing fantasies. Then it just gets messy. But most definitely, Shmi should have been a lot cooler.

Nechama: It all goes back to that same premise - knowing what you can wear. So while I love the flary 50s skirt - oh, how I love it - I can't wear it. Sob.