Thursday, December 13, 2012

Battle of the Bulge: "Cook Yourself Thin"

Since most weight-awareness on television manifests itself mostly through aggressive and irritating trainers, I paused one day (I'll be honest, nothing else was on) to watch Cook Yourself Thin

What they do is take a woman who has been making bad eating choices, and show her alternate recipes that, often, halve the calories of her favorite dishes. While I avail myself of whole wheat flour, chia seeds, and organic cornmeal, they keep their meals with more relatable and easily obtained ingredients.

They then challenge her, now equipped with their cookbook, to lose a dress size in six weeks.  

Their recipe list is quite fun to sift through. 

What I found interesting was how the gal that was featured, Katy, was moaning with ecstasy as she tried the reinvented version of meatballs, unbelieving that with 50% less calories the food actually tasted better.
Would anyone believe me that usually lick my plate every dinner? It's not like I subsist on rabbit food.   

One doesn't even have to go as health food-crazy as I am to significantly improve their cooking skills, medical needs, and waistline.    


Mr. Cohen said...

The trainers that seem "aggressive and irritating" to you seem inspiring and motivating to millions of people.

Princess Lea said...

Are all trainers created alike? Sheesh! They don't get certification in sunshine and rainbows.

If you are inspired and motivated, God bless.