Friday, December 28, 2012

To Cut Blowing Time

When I style my hair, it is usually required for the hair to be somewhat or completely dry first. I try to give myself enough time to air-dry on Fridays to keep heat damage at a minimum, but I end up needing to speed up the process by blow-drying.

Over the years I managed to accumulate more than one hair dryer; Costco manages to make so many unnecessary items appealing. One day I had a "Eureka!" moment

I took a spare surge protector and plugged it into my bathroom outlet. I parted my hair in half, then hooked up two hair dryers. With them both on the cool setting, I let 'em rip.
Keep in mind I use no finesse here; I just aimed both nozzles at my head.

It's amazing how much time was then shaved off my hair styling. Well within 15 minutes, sopping wet hair was relatively dry, ready to be ironed or put in rollers. 

Beforehand, if I used one dryer on a cool setting, it took forever for my hair to dry. Now my hair is ready for further punishment faster, without further crippling heat.   


tesyaa said...

Why eles do you think the good Lord created you with two arms?

Garnel Ironheart said...

Shelo asani isha... Shelo asani isha... Shelo asani isha...

Sporadic Intelligence said...


Mr. Cohen said...

I thank G_d that I was not born a girl because things like:
earrings, makeup, high heels, nails, and rollers would drive me insane.