Wednesday, December 26, 2012


One would think that when someone married after being tagged "spinster" would be more understanding of the average single. But what I find surprising is how many an "older" newlywed join the Dark Side; she becomes the very person the two of you once mocked together. She becomes the know-it-all.

"You're still single because you are doing such-and-such wrong."

Or, if she tries to set me up, she gives the guy more consideration than she gives me. "I need more photos; he didn't like the other shots. And do you have anymore references?" Traitor. 

A neighbor of mine thankfully remembered what it was like; she was probably the fun-nest shadchan I ever dealt with. 

Firstly, she called up with his "yes" already, a rarity in this day and age. Often I get harassed for info down to my SS number, but she got his a-okay upfront. 

Secondly, she asked if I was available. Many assume that I am, without bothering to ask. 

Thirdly, when I gave my okey-doke on the spot based on his lack of criminal record, she said, "I'll call him later tonight. Let him stew a little." 

Fourthly, when she called to give me a heads-up for his call, she said, "If you don't feel like talking now, then don't bother to pick up." 

Fifthly, when things went kablooey after a couple of dates, I texted her the "I don't see this going anywhere" bit. And she didn't harass me as to reasons, no "Are you sure?," just "Of course." 

God, I love her. 

The previous week I was tormented with emails and phone calls from a woman hysterically shrieking for my info, that she must send it over to the guy today. Why today? What's the rush? Where is he going? He's obviously not getting engaged to someone else in the next twelve hours, so take a breath. 


Rachelli Dreyfuss said...

Totally agree! People get a tad hyped up but... breathing is good.
I like this one :)

Princess Lea said...

I'm the one who ends up having to do the breathing exercises.

. . . in . . . and out . . . must not punch lady . . . in . . . and out . . .

Mr. Cohen said...

Going to matchmakers is a waste of money and time and emotions.
Us men hate going to matchmakers as much as you girls do.