Monday, June 3, 2013

Joke's On You

On the way back from a shopping outing, an obnoxious white sedan with a cracked bumper crossed a solid line and cut me off. He felt a need to glare that, apparently, I was not going fast enough. Fine.

I watched him zoom off ahead, disappearing as he irritated quite a few other motorists. 

Yet, a half hour later, I was surprised to see the same white cracked bumper right ahead of me at a red light. Oh, how I laughed. I cackled. I muahahahaha-ed.

After I first started to drive, I was amazed how suddenly I became a judgmental idiot behind the wheel. "What is up with this guy?" "Should she even still have her license?" "Come. On. I'd like to make the light some time this century."
But I've noticed, especially in the case of drivers who will switch three lanes at one time in their furious attempt to get ahead, to speed in the pursuit of saving time: They don't get there any faster.

Speeding wastes gas (so don't complain about how expensive fuel is the next time filling up). Weaving in and out of lanes is not only dangerous, it tenses up other drivers and slows everyone else down. Dirty looks, of course, are never appreciated.

So mellow out, dude. We'll get there when we get there.


Anonymous said...

I can sometimes be that driver, though I never cut people off. I don't use my blinker to switch lanes though. There is something annoying about being stuck behind a car going at the speed limit.

Re speeding wasting gas, that is only true if one accelerates and brakes aggressively. If one simply eases up on the gas / coasts into other lanes instead of braking the opposite is true.

Princess Lea said...

If one is going over 55, the car does use more gas.