Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Take Off the Eyes

It is of vast importance to remove makeup every night. When it comes to eye makeup, I can't use my other soapy cleansers since they would sting my eyes, plus I want to be careful about rubbing and tugging the skin there. 

One recommendation I heard a long time ago is to use baby shampoo. Lathering up a little between fingers with some water, and gently rub with the fingertips with as little friction as possible. Usually that takes everything off. 

I use the baby shampoo when it's late and I just want to get to bed; it's the quickest way and doesn't need much coordination when I am tispsy with exhaustion. The rest of the time, I use an eye makeup remover with a cotton round.

Out of all the many eye makeup removers I have tried, I like Derma E All Natural Eyebright Makeup Remover the best. It doesn't remotely sting, even less than baby shampoo, yet it effortlessly swipes everything off, better than many other removers I have tried.

Every other brand I have purchased, and I mean every other one, tzipped my eyes, so I would end up rubbing the eye area more than I would have liked with water to get the sting out, and I do not like to rub my eyes so the skin will stay youthfully tight.

I have bought multiple bottles of this in one go, I love it so much, and I am the sort of cosmetics shopper who always thinks there is something better out there to try. Meaning, if I have repurchased it, it is a keeper. 

It is sold out from time to time on Vitacost. The people must like it.  


MIghty Garnel Ironheart said...

> It is of vast importance to remove makeup every night

Hmmmm, never thought of that one...

Princess Lea said...

I'm sure Princess Leia always took care of that before going to bed on the Millennium Falcon.

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Right after undoing the hair buns, eh?

Princess Lea said...

Of course. Hair needs time to de-stress from all those hair pins.