Friday, June 21, 2013

The Pointless Date

I don't know how often this happens to other gals, but sometimes one seemingly has no choice. 

"I already talked to his parents about it," my aunt says. "They're very excited."

"But I—" 

"After all, I know the parents through business." 

"Oh, I—" 

"Did I mention the parents are excited?" 

I know this date is an exercise in futility, but can I really tell the aunt who successfully made my brother's marriage "Thanks, but no thanks"? 

I wearily plod over to my closet to pull out a flattering sweater and skirt, then plaster on a sunny smile. 

Or let's say I know from the guy's info that it won't jive, but I really don't have anything concrete to object to. I then morosely wait for a phone call I don't want to get, and summon a cheerfully friendly tone. 

Or despite the fact that the guy is sitting and learning and that type and I rarely have shared interests, I somehow find myself on a lobby date with a fizzling coke and fizzled out conversation.
And so I add another notch to my dating tree.  

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