Monday, June 10, 2013

PINK Lips, Again

I haven't been as adamant as I would like about the importance of pink-hued lipcolor.
Oh boy.

To yammer about it merely once, two years ago? For shame, Frumanista!

Kaley Cuoco's above mistake was that the plum/bark color really does not compliment her pale, cool-toned skin. It clashes, her visual age now much older than her 27 years.

As opposed to these other looks, where she looks young and fresh.
Although I am not crazy about that middle part.
Much better.
More yellow-based, Mediterranean skin tones can wear practically anything (including the offensive shade from the top) but they really pop in pink. For instance, a middle-aged cousin with dark skin always wore deep purple/brown lipstick, much to Bábi's distaste. For her granddaughter's wedding, the makeup artist applied a lovely rose shade that was so much more appealing. Her wrinkles just ceased to exist. 

Additionally, I think thinner-lipped gals are doing themselves a disservice by donning colorless gloss, believing that it will make their lips look fuller. It is Mariah Carey's constant misstep; all it accomplishes is that her lips magically disappear
Pink lips suit everyone, every lip size, shape, and skin tone. I regularly prefer matte shades for their longevity, and for the fact that since they are lacking dramatic sparkle, I can up the pigment power. However, some technique and patience is needed when applying, but that's another post.

My current faves (keep in mind the photos may not reflect the hues accurately, as my snapping skills somewhat suck, and kindly no comments about painting in the lines. These were rush jobs)

Nars Pure Matte in "Carthage": I have already reviewed it to Carthage's benefit; it provides whatever amount of color I want, a soft flush of pleasing pigment, or a strong, vibrant lacquer. It has a cult following, since it had been sold out for months on Sephora, and I couldn't even get it on Amazon.
Nars Pure Matte Carthage
I have come across quite few frum ladies rockin' this shade, especially on Shabbos, as matte lipsticks have real staying power. 

Illamasqua in "Corrupt": I have mentioned it before, and probably will again. I adore Illamasqua for their variety of richly pigmented, truly matte cosmetics, and I own more than one of their lipsticks. 
Illamasqua Corrupt
Illamasqua in "Immodest": I was ridiculously in love with this new shade, which is such an appropriate . . . young shade, bright and light. The best way to describe it is . . . well, it's just fun. However, as opposed to other Illamasqua lipsticks, it is a royal pain to apply; the formulation must be off. I decided to return it, but left the photo here for some further pink inspiration. 
Illamasqua Immodest
Illamasqua in "Scandal": I got a lot of compliments for this one at a cousin's wedding. I had thought I was being toned-down, yet it was described as "overboard, but in a good way." It is defined as a "warm pink"; there is definitely orange in there, as opposed to "Corrupt," which is more blue-based.    
Illamasqua Scandal
Smashbox Be Legendary in "Electric Pink Matte": It's not quite electric pink, more of a blend of pink and coral, which I consider to be quintessentially spring-y and fresh. I feel so classy and chic in it. While matte, it has more of a satin finish, gliding on the lips with ease (meaning no technique necessary).
Smashbox Be Legendary Electric Pink Matte
Maybelline Superstay 14 Hour in "Perpetual Peony": For a 60s pale pink with lavender undertones. I use this as a top-most layer above a brighter long-wearing pink, and the two together blend into the constant compliment magnet, which lasts over Shabbos with many layers, blotting in between.
Maybelline Superstay 14 Hour Perpetual Peony
Maybelline Superstay 14 Hour in "Eternal Rose": It's darker and much more dramatic than "Perpetual Peony." I like this dark rose shade more for fall and winter.
Maybelline Superstay 14 Hour Eternal Rose
Please, get a pink lipstick! You won't regret it.       


FrumGeek said...

Nah, I'll pass ;P

Defying Gravity said...

First of all- love your blog! Secondly, I need a recommendation:) I will be wearing a taupe/gold gown to a wedding next week. I have dark hair, light eyes, and fair skin....what color lipstick do you recommend?

Princess Lea said...

FG: Oh, be quiet.

DG: Cosmetics selection has to do with skin coloring and occasion, not wardrobe, so it all depends what you feel most comfortable with. But since you are fair-skinned, I would avoid the deeper shades.

From the above, I would suggest Scandal. It's not too intense, summer-appropriate, and evening-freindly.

Does this model have your approximate coloring? It looks gorgeous on her:

Defying Gravity said...

Actually, yes! Thanks..

The Beckster said...

Wait, are those your lips? Pretty! Just saying...

Princess Lea said...

Beck: Eh, pretty blurry. I really should take a photography class and be like one of those people who own those expensive oversized cameras and actually know how to use it.

Elisheva said...

Just want you to know you inspired me to try something new. I brightened up my lipstick today with a light swipe of hot pink. I really liked the change, the only problem was that my clothes were too dull in comparison! Next step: buying some brighter attire...

Princess Lea said...

Lipstick makes everything more cheerful, even the darkest of blacks; it enhances, not minimizes. Black is so beautiful against all skin types; I really don't know why it gets such a bad rap. It just has to be used in moderation.

But go for bright colors! There's some cheerful sweaters on Banana Republic now on sale.

iRiR said...

I have one called Lovestruck (it's made by one of these name-your-own makeup companies that lots of people sell under their own names). I love how pink brings life into a grey/black ensemble.

Princess Lea said...

When one is wearing pink lipstick, black garb is automatically vivacious.