Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"A Nation of Slobs"

In shul one Shabbos, in walks my fantasy project. Week after week, this gal of eligible age enters with her hair untamed—not even thinking about giving that mess a once-over with a brush. 
In my attempt to be tolerant, I consider that maybe she holds that brushing hair on Shabbos is not permissible. I sigh internally and let it go. 

Until I see her on a weekday. Oh. She just doesn't brush her hair, in general. 

As spawn of Europeans, and Hungarians to boot, appearance is major. I mean, MAJOR. My parents would be excellent hosts on What Not to Wear. Never mind Babi—she would be a merciless judge on Project Runway

I have noticed a direct correlation to self-esteem and the fit and flare of my wardrobe. If I rush one morning and don't think out my look for the day thoroughly, I pray that I don't bump into anyone that will notice that my skirt desperately needs tailoring. If I don't respect myself, other people won't.

CBS News Sunday Morning featured a story on the downward spiral of current American dress. Thank goodness, it's not just us! Although Linda Przybyszewski, who teaches the "A Nation of Slobs" class in Notre Dame University, has a European unpronounceable name that fits in with the Continental mantra. 

"Americans," Ma and I moan as yet another ill-dressed disaster prances by in a cheap baggy top that ends in the worst possible spot, highlighting every potential bodily flaw. 
Via jezebel.com
As a reminder: When someone gushes, "Oh, this is just something I threw on," in response to a compliment, spoiler: She agonized a full ten minutes before she got dressed. Don't think it just happens.


Anonymous said...

random question unrelated to this post, just something I've always wondered - are you supposed to apply mascara to both sides of your eyelashes, or just the underside? :)

Princess Lea said...

In my own case, the underside is sufficient. Keep in mind I am not a makeup artist, so I do not have experience with other types of lashes. However, perhaps in the case with those who have very pale lashes, a black underside and a blond top would be disconcerting.

Perhaps, though, many, many coats (I do eight before yontif) would shield the pale lashes adequately . . .