Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Battle of the Bulge: If You Are Going to Eat It, Enjoy It

"Oh my," I thought in glee, "what is that?" 

Abandoned by my sister after a recent visit was a lukshen kugel. Not just any lukshen kugel, but a dairy-based one (heaven!), with an entire tub of sour cream and a divine wham of vanilla sugar. 
Via weheartmacandcheese.com
I took a piece, and was very happy. 

The following day was an upsherin, boasting platters of blintzes, mac and cheese, and baked ziti. 

Until that day I did not know that it is actually possible to butcher each and every one of those dishes; inexplicably, none tasted good. But I filled my plate constantly, unable to process that yes, it was milchig, and yes, it tasted like cardboard. 

When I arrived home (stuffed and repentant), all I could wistfully think of was the magnificent lukshen kugel, heartlessly coated in sour cream and vanilla sugar. Feeling quite cheated after succumbing yet remaining unfulfilled, I decided to have one bite, just to straighten out my mouth. 

Then I was happy again. 

If something doesn't taste good, and it is highly caloric to boot, put it down and walk away. Focus instead on what does taste good, even if it is chock full of sour cream. 

Browse. Graze. Sample. But when you find the One, may the two of you (and your fork) be very happy together.
For the three-day yontifs, this is especially important. At the meals, only consume that which makes you happy. If you are going to overeat anyway, go down in blissful flames. 


FrumGeek said...

I'm reminded of that scene of Troi describing how she eats ice cream :)

Princess Lea said...

Wait a sec, I don't know that one! How remiss of me . . . to you know which episode?

FrumGeek said...


Princess Lea said...

It's nice to see the smarmy Commander left speechless by her sultry description of the proper manner of ice cream consumption (I cracked up when that smooth jazz began to play; it fit perfectly.)