Monday, September 16, 2013

Setting the Face

It has been incredibly remiss of me to leave such a topic unaddressed, but I have only recently discovered the necessity of setting powder.

Setting powder, when dusted atop a freshly done Face, will keep the look for longer, through everyday aggravations, frantic wedding dancing, and Friday night sleeping.
Seeing it highly recommended some years ago, I purchased the Tarte Smooth Operator Micronized Clay Finishing Powder. When I say highly recommended, I mean that every single magazine referenced it. But I did not like it. For one thing, the powder is trapped beneath a sheet of plastic punctured by a solitary hole; I struggled to get the powder out of the container, until I was told that one has to hold it upside down, depressing the plastic with a finger and then the powder comes flying out. Too much, in fact. 

Secondly, perhaps because of the method of dispensation, the powder is so fine that it takes to the air, up my nose, making me cough and wheeze like a twenty-year smoker. I put it aside, and simply ignored it; I figured it was my fault the relationship wasn't working. 

But after struggling with makeup meltdown when my t-zone kicked in, I decided to dust up my face with Ma's setting powder (she had mixed her own Laura Mercier with my Tarte) one Friday night. I was stunned to see the following morning that the Face was as pristine as though freshly applied. 

OK, I was convinced, I'm getting me some setting powder!

Since my preferred method of makeup is mineral in nature, I figured I should start with bareMinerals Mineral Veil. There are quite a few options there, ranging from original to illuminating (read: sparkly) to hydrating to tinted. I opted for the bareMinerals Mineral Veil Broad Spectrum in "Completely Sheer" since it has additional SPF.
It has a distinctly pink hue, and I was concerned that would make my yellowish skin orange, but true as its word, it goes on sheer. Additionally, my lungs are free of irritation, and the bareMinerals "click lock go" lid is always convenient. 

As for setting ability? Loverly. I use an EcoTools Powder Brush to apply, since the bristles are loose and delicate enough not to upset foundation and such.

Now, if you are not a heavy makeup kind of gal, another great way to use setting powder is to lengthen the life of tinted moisturizer. I love TM, but I didn't know how to make it last until I read a suggestion in O Magazine

First I applied my current TM favorite, Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, which evens out my skin tone and keeps it protected, then I set it with the Mineral Veil. The tint stayed admirably well for the day, and even kept oil somewhat at bay.

One Sunday, I was scheduled for a bris in the a.m. and a vort in the p.m. I simply set the Face with the Mineral Veil, and it stayed put for 12+ hours. All I had to do before I set out that evening was reapply lipstick. Same with an after-work date.      


FrumGeek said...

Is that Mary Jane!?

Princess Lea said...

One track mind, really. For me, "Is that Amy?" (From "Little Women.")