Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ideal Timing

There is another aspect of When Harry Met Sally that really gives one something to ponder; Harry and Sally did not become friends at their initial meeting. Five years later when they bump into each other at the airport, they still get on each other's nerves. It is only when they see each other another five years later, both needing support after their own breakups, that they begin to bond. 
Harry was boorish at the first meeting; Sally was uptight and too fond of hairspray. The next time they meet they are both seeing other people. 

Often, when they meet up again and repeat what one said at the last bump-in, the other says, "I said that? I never said that."

People do change over time. I certainly know my opinions have morphed drastically over the years. 

Harry and Sally couldn't have become a couple the first time they met, nor the second. It took ten years for each of them to be shaped by personal experiences to make them ideal for each other. 

My Prince (snort) will show when the time is right. That's why "iy'H by you b'shaa tovah" gets on my nerves. Duh, he's gonna show at the right time.


SiBW said...

How about just the "b'shaa tovah" part?

Perhaps all it takes is a Kat's Deli?! (Sorry, two posts on When Harry Met Sally; I just had to say something... :-) )

Princess Lea said...

Pastrami will bring us together.

guyinla said...

Referring to Han as a prince?! I don't think he'd appreciate it, sweetheart :) Perhaps "stuck-up, half-witted, scruffy-looking nerfherder" would be a bit more appropriate.

Also, why is it to be assumed that he'll come at the right time?

Princess Lea said...

We have a deal. I shall refer to him as "My Nerfherder" forthwith.

Right time? Has something to do with bashert?