Friday, January 20, 2012

Not A Cloud, But Darn Close

Sleeping used to involve a level of steps. 

I could only remain on either my left side or on my back. I can only fall asleep on my right side, see, and if I rolled too soon there than I wouldn't be able to fall asleep, since I can only do that when already dozing off. Then I would have to make sure to tip myself over the right side, since on my left side or on my back I would just remain in a state of suspended animation, not actual sleep.  

It's simple when one gets used to it. 

I began to notice that I was sleeping better in practically every other bed, including the ones that fold out of a sofa. Meaning, that my regular bed should cause me such problems is not normal. 

The few times I dared to sit on others' memory foam mattresses I nearly wept in comfort. Not willing to invest in an entire one, I searched for a mattress pad; my mattress itself is still in good condition.  

And found one that is really loved: Sleep Studio 2" Visco2 Ventilated Mattress Enhancer. I bought it, waited eagerly in the doorway and nearly did a cartwheel when it arrived.
The hype is definitely worth it.  

I can lay down now on my right side without torpedoing my chances of sleep. I can remain in the same position for eight hours and I won't ache in the morning. My blankets remain perfectly tucked around me, instead of my flailing them on the floor whilst tossing and turning. 

I look forward now to the night, when I slide under the covers and unintentionally go "Aaaaaaaah." 

Now, on nights when the kinfauna (tips to Bad4) invade, it is not a surprise to walk into my bedroom to find my niece in my bed. 

"Get out!" 

She grumbles as she moves into the other spare bed, and I crawl into mine.  


*Be aware that the mattress pad has a distinct smell of mint after unpacking it. That dissipates after a few days.


Sunshine Dreamer said...

really? i've tried those at people's houses before- and i've had to pull it out because i was so UNCOMFORTABLE! i like a firm mattress...but pretty much any firm mattress will do. i'm one of those people who can sleep standing up on the subway. (and i have!) :-) so don't go by my opinion. Glad you've found comfort!

Princess Lea said...

I found a bed that is juuuuuust right. Goldilocks is happy!

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that someone as wrinkle-conscious as you sleeps on their right side consistently-- its very stressful for the skin on your face to be under pressure for eight hours. Do you use a silk pillowcase? Have you tried a knee bolster to help you sleep on your back?

Princess Lea said...

Of course I sleep with a silk pillowcase! (That post is coming later).

I've tried sleeping on my back, but I just remain in a state of stasis instead of actual sleep. Oh, how I've tried.

iRiR said...

FWIW, the Rambam recommends sleeping on the left side. Why? Because G-d is above you, so no sleeping on your back to face Him. Sleeping on your back is as if you're turning your back on Him. So you have a choice now between left and right sides. Since the left side of your body houses your digestion department, sleeping on your left side causes your liver to rest on your stomach, aiding in digestion. So that's why he suggested the left.