Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Genug Already!

It is getting incredibly tedious, but I it appears I am stuck in the roundabout of redting.
Every time the phone rings, it is for one of three guys: Ponda Boba, Greedo, or Bren Derlin.  

I am seriously considering developing a taste for alcohol. 

While Bren does not deserve any remarks, the first two do. It takes nearly every ounce of self-control not to break into Xena-whacking mode when someone coos that Greedo sounds like SUCH a catch, or that Ponda is SO nice.  

Wine, please? 

Rather, hit me over the head with the bottle. 


itchemeyer said...

Alcohol. The lubricant for life.
Actually, I wish I was an alcy. Get to go to all those free support groups. Plus you have an excuse for being moody- you have a disease.

Joshua Josephs said...

Princess Lea,
While I know you are not a committee, perhaps there is a way to get the word out to your committee of Shadchanim/friends that Greedo and company have been suggested and found wanting. I hope that your Luke Skywalker comes soon to sweep you off your feet.

Princess Lea said...

itchi: As a female, it is already assumed that I am moody. It is a real pain.

"I am being perfectly rational!"

"Poor dear, with her feminine sensibilities."

JJ: Luke Skywalker is Leia's brother. I am officially waiting for Han Solo. He doesn't have to be as gorgeous as a young Harrison Ford, however.

The committee is also deaf.

"I went out with him, and NO."

"But if he was redd again it must mean something!"

"No, it doesn't have to mean something."

Joshua Josephs said...

PL, I have certainly experienced the deaf shadchan on several occasions, never a pleasant experience. Especially when explaining for the tenth time why medical school means I have to live where I do.
Sorry for the bad analogy, but maybe instead of waiting for Han, Wedge Antilles will do.

Princess Lea said...

I like Wedge. He's solid and serious and doesn't take stupid risks. Whereas Han . . .

Hm. You've given me much to think about.