Monday, January 30, 2012

Get Thee to a Nunnery

She looks worried, and I'm not sure why. 

"Well, um . . ." she begins, "that guy I was telling you about? It seems that . . . " she wrings her hands. 

He said no? This reaction seems a bit overboard.

"He . . . he . . ." 

He's a serial killer?

"He got engaged." 

That's it? 

"Oh, how nice!" 

She looks at me suspiciously. 

For the most part, whenever I hear that someone got engaged, even if the guy was a potential date, I'm happy for them. After all, if he got engaged obviously I'm not his bashert, right? 

"But I'm so sorry," she continues. "Are you okay?" 

Um, I never met him before. Why should I care? 

"How about that other guy you mentioned?" 

"You're still on that?" she replies, a tad annoyed. 

Well, yeah. Just because a complete stranger got engaged doesn't mean my life is over. Picture it: sobbing of epic proportions in a darkened bedroom surrounded by empty ice cream tubs sticking to the floor as I mourn the loss of a guy I never met. 

Pass a spoon. So I can throw it at you.  


JerusalemStoned said...

You write these little snippets so, so well.

Also, there is never a good reason not to eat ice cream. Just sayin.

Princess Lea said...

If I gorge on ice cream, it won't be over a nonexistent date! I won't waste perfectly good ice cream on him. If I eat it, it won't be because of some feller.

And thanks.

Frum Fashion Maven said...

Hey PL ....
I just want o slap a lot of these people setting you up! I admire your wit ,resilience and amazing middos .
If I can help you with shidduch in any way let me know!!

Princess Lea said...

Blushing . . .

In the end, I don't end up writing about the good stories as they're boooooring. Everyone likes to pool their bad date/shadchan stories and laugh about them.