Tuesday, January 17, 2012

We All Know "Fiddler," So How 'Bout . . .

I find modern rom-coms to be quite frustrating as there is nothing much in them that connects to how we date and woo. After Pride and Prejudice, we resort to quoting Fiddler on the Roof

A while back I saw this film, Arranged. The executive producer is Yuta Silverman, a gal from Borough Park, and the film is inspired by her dating events and her friendship with a Muslim girl.  
To give the film wider appeal, I am guessing, the main character's family seem like a mish-mash of various Jewish backgrounds. It's nice, because when watching it one doesn't automatically categorize the family into a box-like affiliation. 

Although, there does seem to be too much emphasis on the shadchan rather than the family and friends that usually set one up. Nor do we claim that the shadchan is a prophetess who can select one's spouse for them.  

Frum women also only wear white tights, apparently. Sooooo unflattering.

Here is an interview with the directors.  

Here is an article in the Jewish Week.

Trailer below. 


Chanalesings said...

I loved this movie! I agree with your review. Interesting tidbit. The 'muslum ' girl actually Jewish!!

Princess Lea said...

It's hysterical how many people end up being Jewish. I'm starting to wonder if we are really a minority.

ZP said...

I did not like this movie. I felt it portrayed orthodox judaism in a negative light, i.e. when the muslim girl comes to the jewish home she is practically kicked out whereas when the jewish girl goes to the muslim house she is welcomed in. There a bunch of other examples (the going to a "witch" shme shme whatever that was).

Princess Lea said...

I know what you mean. However, that can be explained that Yuta, being an insider, is all to aware of the negativity in our world. For a gal living in Boro Park, bringing home a Muslim girl is not exactly smiled upon.

Looking into the Muslim world, one would only see the positive.

I didn't get that whole voo-doo thing either. Is that what some kabbalists do? I dunno.

FrumScienceGeek said...

I enjoyed that movie!! Totally agree about the white tights... and for some reason the Jewish girl had some sort of strange Eastern European accent that I couldn't quite place. The voodoo stuff was definitely creepy and why would she take her Muslim friend with her to pray at the cemetery?!? About the difference in reaction when they visit each other's homes- you have to admit most frum parents would be uncomfortable, to say the least (esp in Brooklyn). I can't vouch for Muslims because I am not so educated, but I do know that they have a reputation for being very hospitable- whether that hospitality would extend to a religious girl... lo yodaat

Princess Lea said...

The movie does not always add up, but it was still fun to see our lives being represented in film.

Although it was surprising that Rochel didn't have any other single friends in the same boat.

FrumScienceGeek said...

well would you be friends with someone who wore white tights??
jk ;)

Princess Lea said...

Who wears white tights? Some chassidishe men? Certainly not the women!