Friday, February 24, 2012

Cell vs. Landline

Hello, Mister Henkel, this is Harvey Johnson,
Can I speak to Penelope Ann?
Hello, Missus Miller, this is Harvey Johnson,
Can I speak to Debra Sue?
Hello, Missus Garfein, is Charity home from school yet?
--"The Telephone Hour," Bye Bye Birdie

My phone policy for first dates is to give the landline number. Cell phone conversation usually involves a lot of "What was that?" so I prefer when dealing with details of a meeting to ensure clear reception and so, clear understanding, to use a device that involves wall cables.

I was on the first phone call with who shall henceforth be referred to as Zuckuss, and somehow it happened to slip that he had called a landline.

"But-but-but-what if someone else had picked up the phone?" the self-professed suave lawyer stammered in terror.

"That's what caller ID is for," I replied. 

After I hung up, I thought: Would it really be so terrible if someone else picked up the phone? Would it be so hard to say, "Hello, can I speak to Lea, please?" You're a professional, as you said repeatedly; calling people is kinda part of your job. This shouldn't warrant the same reaction as ending up in a cave with a Wampa.


Mystery Woman said...

Hmmm...what did they do in the "olden days"?

tesyaa said...

Us old folks agree - we remember when cell phones were Jetsonlike fantasies.

Princess Lea said...

Exactly! Have we completely degenerated as a generation?