Monday, February 6, 2012

Mascara Must

If one cannot be bothered with a full makeup routine, here is the basic minimum: mascara.
It's easy, relatively painless (I have poked myself in the eye once or twice) and with a few effortless swipes, one looks transformed.  

I have recently concluded that for myself, I prefer volumizing to lengthening. Some mascaras I tried that primarily lengthened also clumped my lashes together into a few spidery spikes, making my lashes look fewer. I now make sure to analyze the brushes.

The original "pipe-cleaner" brushes seem to be ideal for volumizing.

My new purchase is Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara
I love how my lashes look, and it claims to promote lash health, but since I just got it I cannot say if it does or not. My lashes are defined, volumized, and lengthened - I had tried three mascaras before this one that were all returned, since they made my lashes look deformed. This one is a keeper. 

I gave blood the other day, and the nurses were going bonkers. "Look at those lashes!" they gasped. I assured them it was all mascara. "How do you spell 'Tarte'?," they asked, with pen and napkin in hand.

Another option is Kiehl's Marvelous Mineral Mascara. No matter how many mascaras I try, I usually end up buying this one again.
When it comes to mascara, feel free to apply more than one coat. A few. Several. Many. Layer to whatever level of comfort. 

Just remember: it is the absolute MINIMUM.


SporadicIntelligence said...

My bare minimum is mascara and blush, but I very often leave my house without either, but if I'm putting on makeup, it has to be at least that.

Recently, well, not so recently anymore, maybelline changed the brush to their classic pink and green tubes, and I find it to be awesome! It's the cheapest, and it does a darn good job on my non-existent eyelashes.

Another suggestion would be to invest in a good eye-lash curler, I have a great one by MAC. It really opens up the eyes and transform the face (people don't believe me when I tell them how effective it is until I shoe them)

Also, I don't know why everyone seems to think the bare minimum is eyeliner.

Princess Lea said...

Eyeliner, in my opinion, can only be applied if one is wearing mascara AND eyeshadow. It needs those two for counterbalance. I brush a little liner into the base of my upper lashes to give them an illusion of fullness, but if I wear any liner on my lower lash line I am most definitely wearing shadow too.

You mean Maybelline Great Lash? It's supposed to be the best go-to since the dawn of time. Apparently, for good reason!

I have an eyelash curler by Shu Umera that I have never used. I'm too chicken. I heard one story about someone accidentally yanking all their lashes out and that was it. (Hangs head in shame).

aminspiration said...

my lashes are pretty dark, so mascara is really not my minimum
eyeliner and a tiny bit of blush is my minimum
maybe some clear lip gloss

Princess Lea said...

Those with amazing natural lashes like yours are rare. But even if the lashes are dark a few swipes of mascara can add wow-bang volume and length.

aminspiration said...

mine dont compare to my brothers,

doesn't it seem that boys always have amazing lashes?So not fair! :)

But I do wear mascara, just if i dont..not the worst thing

Princess Lea said...

I've got a couple of nephews like that. WHERE did they get those lashes? Blonde hair but BLACK, LONG LASHES!

SporadicIntelligence said...

Yeah, my kid's like that, he was born with impossibly long lashes. Hope my girls get that end of the gene pool!

As for your curler, you should try it, whoever told you that story is an idiot. In order to cut off your lashes you'd have to be so close to the lashline you'd knip yourself and cry out in pain before your lost your lashes. Let me knows how it goes.

Princess Lea said...

Hmmmm. I'll be brave and dig it out.

The numbers of nieces and nephews with pre-mascaraed lashes are somewhat equal, but some really did not get that gene. At least your future gals will be able to turn to makeup!

iRiR said...

I completely disagree. Mascara on an unmake-up-ed face looks extremely high-contrast and that's not always a pleasant look. It's like everywhere else you're pale but then your eyes look like you've just had a run-in with the street gang. My bare minimum is a tinted moisturizer and mineral blush. If I'm only doing my eyes, I choose grey eye pencil, not mascara.

I'm not at all a fan of mascara because a) it's so unnatural looking -- nobody has crispy eyelashes, and b) the goo clots too easily inside the bottle.

Princess Lea said...

My dear iRiR, not all mascaras are created equal! It took me much searching to find one that suited me and didn't look too heavy.

Street gangs would mean a black eye, a look that can be achieve by eyeshadow not applied correctly. Mascara merely thickens the lashes, and if the formula is flake and smudge free, it should stay on the lashes.

I'm a big tinted moisturizer fan; what's your brand?

iRiR said...

Sorry (bashful-ish face)! Oh well! I don't know much about mascara since I don't really use it all that much, that's the truth. For tinted moisturizer I use Shiseido. It's also a sunscreen so you can use it in Miami, which is great! I don't feel gross if I can't wash it off because technically it's a moisturizer and who actually washes that off? Did I mention it's non-comedogenic?

Princess Lea said...

I'm experimenting now with Shiseido - I'm giddy with it! The non-comedogenic is exactly what I need, and their foundations actually have yellow undertones, what I need.

I'm currently messing around with their foundations, but I deeply hunger for a tinted moisturizer. I should give that a try.

iRiR said...

Just a heads-up, it's like $35+ for a tube of it, but it does last quite a while. I wear it every day and it lasts me about 8-12 months. It's also pretty good at masking slight reddish imperfections or whatevers.

Princess Lea said...

I am always willing to whip out my wallet for makeup.

Which shade do you use? Does it match well?

iRiR said...

I use "light". I have in-between skin (not light and not dark), with green undertones (it's not gross, think of Esther) and this shade is perfect. Any darker and I'd look like I sat in the sun too long (which may be nice if it's summertime).

Princess Lea said...

I'm also in-between-ish, so thanks for the info!

iRiR said...

Is your avatar a picture of yourself? If yes, where's that gun from?

Princess Lea said...

It's Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher) from Star Wars with her trusty blaster. Her skin tone is lighter than mine.