Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh, The Makeups You'll Try

Since my relationship with my tinted moisturizer imploded, I began to search for something different. 

  • matte (no sparkle or sheen)
  • many color options (to ensure a better chance of a skintone match)
  • SPF (even though it wouldn't be sufficient to properly protect skin, I like it if my makeup can at least add a little more to my sunscreen)
  • non-comodegenic (maybe that will help the milia)
  • meant for combination/oily skin
  • moisturizing (lightly)
  • paraben-free (I get hung up about that even though research hasn't proved anything conclusively)
  • light coverage that allows my own skin to shine through while obscuring imperfections

1) Lancome Teint Idole Fresh Wear 18-Hour Shine-Free SPF 15 Foundation appears to have the whole package except for moisturizing. But that is easy to take care of; I can use a moisturizing primer instead (like Korres). 

I went to the Macy's counter, and the salesgal whipped out a few bottles for comparison. It seemed all too easy when I quickly settled on Ivory 2C. 

The foundation itself is watery-thin, which is what I'm looking for, not for something too thick that will sit heavily on my skin. 

I skipped home.  

Of course I popped the champagne too soon. 

Beneath the truth-illuminating light of my bathroom mirror, this foundation was distinctly ORANGE. If one looks at the swatch online, it appears to be distinctly yellow in hue, however, not in person. 

Hi-ho, back to Macy's it will go.  

2) Cover FX Natural FX Water Based Foundation SPF 15, which also meets most of the requirements. My interest was piqued because of the variety of shades, including the M-line for yellow undertones. My skin is fair with a hint - just a hint - of yellow. I was hoping that the foundation would be able to capture that. 

It is meant for the sensitive and red of skin, and claims to be long wearing, which would make it ideal for Shabbos.

I purchased the lightest of the M, M10/Bone. In store, the color looked like perfection (as usual). At home, it seemed as though it was slightly too dark. But it seemed to be a better match than anything I've tried so far. 

It is not matte. While it is not sparkly, my face looked shiny in no time. Apparently, it has a "dewy" finish. But this "dewiness" seemed to make any coverage disappear in no time, even though I coated myself in powder. My boss told me I had something on my chin. Thank you.  

By the end of the day the foundation was blotchy and flaky around my mouth.

Those with dry, sensitive skin seem to love this foundation, so it is not for my combination/oily skin. 

3) Clarins Everlasting Foundation SPF 15 is meant for oily skin types, and the reviews are off the charts. But I didn't want to get stuck with a wrong color again that I would have to return, so I brought along the Hourglass tinted moisturizer that matches so well. 

And nothing remotely matched it. The 04 Cream was too light, the 07 Beige too orange, the 05 Nude too dark. Dodging the grasping salespeople, I bolted. Sephora's policy is to leave customers alone until they request help; department store cosmetics is like a jungle. 

I am irritated because if they hadn't been so pushy I would have been able to hear myself think and make a better informed decision. I may try again one day, after setting off a diversion.

4) Hourglass just released a new foundation, meant for oily skin types: Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation Mattifying Oil Free. I was ecstatic since it is available in Shell, which is the same shade I had the perfectly matching tinted moisturizer, but there is a glitch: no SPF. I am used to my cosmetics pulling double duty, so this is a turn-off. 

Additionally, it doesn't claim to be non-comedogenic, but I decided to be adventurous. It wasn't yet available in my local Sephora so I bought it online with free shipping. 

Tinted Moisturizer in Shell - beige.  

Powder Foundation in Shell - ORANGE! Orange, orange, orange! WHY!?!

In terms of the foundation's consistency, I have never experienced anything like it before. Straight from the bottle, it is watery in texture, but after blending it in it dries to a powdery finish.

It's kinda awesome. Except in a few places my pores seemed more obvious as the foundation sank into the skin, and it is hard to blend since it dries to powder immediately. There was some streaking on my face where I didn't blend fast enough. 

But it was the first that didn't have a dewy, shiny finish; my skin (except for being orange) looked pretty close to the matteness that I seek, although is seemed cakey in certain areas.

The color ensures that it goes back, and I really want something with SPF. But maybe when it shows up in my local store I'll see if I can find something in my color. Meaning, not orange.

5) Shiseido The Makeup Dual Balancing Foundation SPF 17. They also have a color line, Ochre, for yellow undertones, and I got the lightest avauilable, O20 Light Ochre. 

It is not orange! Woo!

For combination skin types, it claims to hydrate dry areas (my cheeks) and minimize shine in oily areas (t-zone).

One thing to whine about it the bottle. It has no pump or applicator, making it a little awkward. I'm not happy about dipping my finger into a bottle every day, as that contaminates the product. But hey! It's not orange! I'll let it go.

The finish is semi-matte, meaning no sparkle but not dry. I dust on some setting powder, which takes away any dewiness.

This is probably the first liquid foundation I tried so far that matched my skin color pretty close to perfect. In my bathroom mirror it is divine; but sometimes in other lights it looks either whiter or darker. I can't quite figure it out, but I'm going to keep it for now and squint in different lights. 

Good thing too, since I am a little scared of the saleswoman and I would be terrified to bring this back.


Nechama said...

Love your writing no matter what the topic. I never thought foundation would make for an interesting read - but you pull it off well.

Princess Lea said...

Thank you! After looking it over I was thinking, "Who's going to want to sift through all THAT?"

Anonymous said...

Chiming in on behalf of Mademoiselle again, I really suggest Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua. Water based, finger application, SUPER light and very 'perfecting' more than cover up. Plus SPF and a really intuitive color system...

Princess Lea said...

Do you mean Chanel Mademoiselle?

The makeup looks soooo pretty . . . I just need to find out if it is dermatologist tested - it is such a drag, but my dermatologist recommended it.