Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Shall Love Again

I have gone through recent heartbreak. 

My tinted moisturizer has failed me.  

When I discovered Hourglass Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer, I thought I had met the one.
You tease.
It was oil-free, which I thought meant would mean non-oily; it claimed to have no questionable ingredients; it matched my skin tone perfectly; it had SPF; the coverage was like a foundation. 

After spending more time together, I noticed that it has been slacking on me. My face goes from stunning to slick in no time flat, getting supremely oily, even settling into grooves around my mouth (!)

Then I noticed that my hands, after application, were oddly sparkling. Despite the fact that I only wear matte, somehow an "illuminating" product sneaked its way into my heart. 

I finally went to a dermatologist because of my milia-woes; he scoffed when I said I made a point to use oil-free. Apparently, unless a product it officially labeled "non-comedogenic," it can still clog pores, even if it is oil-free.

I felt as though I had been had. 

What made me more horrified was that I would have to go crawling back to Laura Mercier, who I had threw over for my new and shiny Hourglass. And she would rub it in. 

"Back, I see. Didn't I tell you it would end in tears? What does it matter if I don't perfectly match your skintone, or if I contain parabens? You know you won't find anyone better than me." 

I can't reward that sort of smugness. I managed to keep my dignity and hit the internet for alternatives. 

Update soon on my search! 


Wig Making Diva said...

Have you thought about trying mineral powder foundation? This has been my saviour. I tried Everyday Minerals first (but they stopped shipping to the UK) and now use LA Minerals. Both companies will supply you will reasonable samples to try (last quite a while!) so you can experiment with the shades and types of foundation offered (they have different coverage etc). They are inexpensive and don't contain anything nasty (that I can work out). Plus I find them SO much less work than applying tinted moisturiser - you just need a kabuki brush or similar. Plus you can carry some in your bag and touch up if necessary.

Princess Lea said...

I love mineral makeup! I have a few posts on it.

I like using both a liquid foundation of sorts and mineral makeup on top. The liquid adds some moisture and sheer coverage, and the minerals add additional SPF and more coverage as well, and the results don't look cakey or overapplied. I've never tried mineral makeup alone.

I wasn't aware that companies would provide samples. There are some brands I want to try but are not available in stores and don't have a return policy, but if they would be happy to give me samples that would be something else. Thanks!