Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Brush Love

I have just found the most awesome eyeshadow brush: Up & Up Crease brush. 

Up & Up is a Target brand, and the brush costs $1.99.
This brush is PERFECTION. It accurately applies color and easily blends it out at the same time, so forget about even accidental harsh lines. 

I am stocking up on these! 


Rachel said...


I just wanted to know if you know of an amazing moisturizer for dry skin? Had any luck with any brands? Or if you've tried the Elta MD moisturizer? Please let me know . . . As I'm in dire need of one and so far I've tried everything from Kiehl's to Estee Lauder and none seem to do the job.

Princess Lea said...

I only have the Elta MD SPF so far, which is awesome for oilier-type skins. As for dry skin . . . if you have tried everything, I'm guessing Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion as well? I always found that to pack a serious punch when it comes to moisture, but then again my skin is not very dry . . .

If your skin is really dry, and you don't break out from oil, you may want to look into face oils.

Using actual straight oils like grapeseed will hopefully help.