Friday, July 27, 2012

Maybelline SuperStay 14 Hour Lipstick

I initially had picked up two shades of this product because: 

1) It was almost Shavuos and I wanted to see what other longwear options were available; 

2) Perpetual Peony and Eternal Rose are probably the only two colors that have no sheen in any of the long-wearing lipsticks I checked out (unlike L'Oreal Infallible. So much glitter, feh.)
All long-wearing lipsticks cause lips to dry out. I have managed to keep lipstick on for a three day yontif, but by the time I was done my lips needed major TLC—they were dried to a crisp, flaking, and cracking.

The consistency of the Super Stay lipsticks are not quite like any long-wearing lipstick I have already tried; instead of sinking its dye into the lips, it seems to stay on top with a tacky, sticky finish. The smell, also, is distractingly sickly-sweet, but it wears off. 

I gave it a test drive a couple of days before Shavuous to see what it can do. 

Starting time: 7:45 a.m., following breakfast. All's well until 12:30, following my lunch; despite my extreme care not to let my lips come into contact with food, there is distinct wearing away on the lower part of the upper lip. So much for 14 hours; it seems to be behaving like any other lipstick I own.

This should get it thrown out of the running, except there is one perk: Usually by now, with any long-wear lipstick, my skin screams for some balm. But the tackiness of the lipstick seems to be providing sufficient moisture.

I wanted to see how it would last the night so I removed it, brushed and flossed, then applied again. This time I applied a long-wearing lipstick beneath that usually dries the heck out of my lips. 

I know for sure that my sheets unintentionally came into contact with my lips during the night, but by morning it was still wearing strong, and my lips weren't painfully dry, the way they usually are with just the long-wearing lipstick. 

I drank my morning water with a straw and carefully ate my cereal; it stayed on pretty well.

Perpetual Peony has really grown on me. It is more of a 60s-esque shade of pink, but there is a vibrancy to it despite it's paleness. Any skin color can pull it off.

Eternal Rose is a vibrant shade of pink that I also am fond of.

So, I was able to successfully use it over Yontif. My next post on the topic will explain exactly how.  


FrumGeek said...

Ok, this has nothing to do with this post (as a man, I honestly have nothing to say here), but I just thought I'd share with you a post from the CNN blog I think you'd (as a geek of the female variety) be interested in reading (and possibly inspiring a post of your own).

You really should put up an email address or something.

Princess Lea said...

At this point in time I like to keep myself relatively un-contact-able, but for you I make an exception:


FrumGeek said...

Aw, shucks!

Princess Lea said...

You don't speak Klingon, do you?

FrumGeek said...

No, I do not :(
(I'm not much of a Trekkie. I've seen all the movies and a number of random episodes, mostly of TNG, but I never got around to watching all the shows, as much as I'd like to.)

So am I to assume that was sarcasm then?

Princess Lea said...

"Qapla" is pretty much the only thing I've got down pat. According to Wiktionary, it means "Success," and is used to wish fortune on another.

But seriously dude, you can email me.