Monday, December 24, 2012

How to Dress your Daughter

When it comes to little girls, mommies' hands itch to doll up their boobas. The bows! The pink! The tutus! 

There are (at least, there should be) some laws of girlie attire. Turn to the timeless styles that will suit little ones forever.

They will always, and I mean always, look sharp in a pleated skirt and sweater/blouse/blazer.
Little girls and pencil skirts are not a good mix. It gets me irritated when I see a youngster's legs restricted to a shuffle because of a knee-length spandex skirt. Mini skirts, yes, but not knee-length pencil skirts on a eight-year-old. 

There is also one universally flattering genre of clothing that is adorable no matter one's age: nautical.
For teenagers, the laws of pleated skirt and sweater/blazer hold especially true. Figureless and gawky, tweens and teens often have to struggle to appear polished. My niece, for instance, currently looks as though she was put in the taffy-puller. A tunic and pencil skirt highlights and emphasizes her lanky limbs; a flary skirt and short sweater downplays them.
And when it comes to tutus, it is perfect for the pitsy. There is an age limit, I suppose, but it is so darn cute. I want one.


Fashion-isha said...

Aww so cute. I miss dressing up my kids. Soon they grow up and choose their own styles and there's nothing you can really do about that!

The Beckster said...

Cute outfits! I agree with the tutu comment. I totally wish I could wear one!

Mr. Cohen said...

I could never blog about this topic, because I never think about it, because I am a man.

tesyaa said...

True, pencil skirts don't suit little girls, because they really can't fit them properly since little girls don't generally have defined waistlines.

But blazers are not a great idea; they're usually lined and require dry cleaning, and even if you find a washable one, the woven fabric isn't as comfortable as a knit. There are knit blazers, I suppose, but they're not easy to find.

I wore blazers back in my past, but I avoid them like the plague. If I need to look a little fancier at work, I wear a demure cardigan. It's the same effect but more pleasant to wear.

I have gotten rid of all but a few of my Shabbos suits - I used to feel a suit was a Shabbos necessity, but those days are LONG gone.

Maya Resnikoff said...

I think I'm with tesyaa- blazers also seem a little restricting on a little girl, and a bit of a hazard in terms of spills. I'd aim more toward blouse, or blouse and sweater/blouse and vest maybe- at least for "good". Play clothes should still just be play clothes.

Princess Lea said...

Fashion Isha: Sometimes I just walk through children's sections and cry to myself. So pretty.

The Beckster: Tutus and I are to be unrequited.

Tesyaa & Maya: Blazers were just one option. Personally, I try to match up unattached jackets as well as sweaters with skirts; I can't seem to find suits as a whole anymore.

Sporadic Intelligence said...

I'm holding onto my suits; they will come back, and I will be prepared (looking awesome)

Totally agree with you on the pencil skirt business - it's ridiculous. Kids used to match with their dolls, not they match they're mommys instead!

Princess Lea said...

SI: Suits are great! I don't understand why they have such a bad rap . . .

Little girls always want to emulate their mommies. But they should stay kids for as long as possible!