Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mannerly Cleaning

I like my cleaners. The husband and wife team are a competent, cheerful Korean couple. They always remember my phone number. They do a good job. They give out complimentary Twizzlers.

It was Erev Nine Days, and I was dropping off some clothing that I didn't need desperately. Anything I did need was certainly taken care of already. 

A frum man in his late thirties was in front of me on line, with piles and piles of shirts. "I need these TODAY," he boomed repeatedly. Bless my Korean, for she has a full-proof way of dealing with unreasonable customers: She now doesn't understand English. 

"Tuesday?" she chirped. 

"TODAY," he roared. 

"Tuesday!" she sang. 

"No, TODAY!" he hollered. 

She won that round, and he left, bull-like, fuming, and quite red in the face. 

Seriously, man. You couldn't have taken your twenty shirts to the cleaners last week? Or at least a couple of days ago? And you blame your lack of planning on the poor dry-cleaner owners? For shame.

Thanks for wearing your kapul while you harassed another human being. You made us look real good. 

(For those who need clarification, the above sentences are meant to be read with a sarcastic inflection).  


Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Well remember that Koreans learn Talmud so they probably have us all figured out.

Princess Lea said...

They also study Rashi. They rock.

tesyaa said...

Perhaps they could have said something like "of course you can have them today, but there is a fifty-dollar service fee for same day pickup". With a big smile.

Princess Lea said...