Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dressing for Men: Hair Grease

Also known as Vaseline hair. 

Why, men? Why?

There are quite a few fellas out there that think that by plastering large quantities of product in their hair, they look "cool." What I see is a .22 away from "mob enforcer."
How does one maintain all that product? Every night must require hefty shampooing, lest the grease destroy a favorite pillow. 

And what about the yarmulka? What does it look like after being parked atop greased locks a whole day? Do these men have a drawerful for daily use and disposal, like contact lenses

If anyone's hair—male or female—looks wet or oily by way of product, that is not a good thing. One is just advertising to the world that they have problem hair, as only the strongest and bravest of gels will tame it. 

Don't grow hair long with the intention of slicking it back, men; just get a haircut. If any product is needed to tame frizz, please, please, everything in moderation. Use a small amount that is absorbed into the hair so I don't have to see my reflection in your shiny mane. 


The Beckster said...

I was just talking to my friend about this. I like when a guy's hair is touchable. Well, it's not like I'm touching a date's hair just yet, but you know...hypothetically speaking.

I think that gel can be for guys, what makeup can be for girls. Some men say they like women to look more "natural." In spite of this, women have a hard time letting go of all the makeup gunk. Why? Because it acts like a security blanket. Well, at least it does for me. (Am I being too vulnerable and honest here? Lol.)

It's a similar situation with guys and hair gel I think. I'm not sure why they think it looks cool when girls tell them it doesn't. Either way, they have a hard time letting go.
It's their respective "security blanket."

Princess Lea said...

I don't think of makeup as a security blanket. I think of it as much of a given as clothing is; what makes socks a requirement, but not lipstick?

I can't even consider it as a mere accessory; I just really, really, like makeup.

This is from a gal who had a blankie for years. I'm more attached to makeup than I am to a security blanket.

I'm not saying no product, just the right product, and a moderate amount of product. Makeup also can't be slapped on willy-nilly.

Men's clothing shouldn't just "happen," either! Ties have to compliment, dudes, compliment, not match . . .

Lost and Found said...

Haha Beckster, nice catch there.

I can't stand seeing men with a head full of gel. I don't think of these guys as having a hair problem, but an image problem. They always look cocky and cool until they're standing alone.

This whole compliment thing drives me crazy. I know it, but can't say I'm very good at it. Thank goodness for female relatives. I buy the tie, they tell me which suit to wear it with.

FrumGeek said...

In Israel I used to gel my hair back. I thought I looked so cool, like Danny Zuko. Eventually one friend was kind enough to tell me that it made me look like an arrogant stereotypical Brooklyn @$#%@#$^$. Thus, I stopped. Except on Purim (I was Superman) and occasionally during Sfira when my hair gets too long and unruly and I can't cut it. So, like, now :P

FrumGeek said...

As for getting dressed, thank goodness all men suits look the same. I just throw something on and grab some random tie. Then I make sure I pass by my mom on the way out and if she happens to say "that's not a good tie. Switch it!" then I head back to my room and repeat the process. The heck if I know what "compliments". It all looks the same to me.

Princess Lea said...

LF: Hmm, I think you are right on the "image problem" assessment.

OK, I have a whole post on it, it was my first on the "Dressing for Men" series. But female relatives work too.

FG: Oy, Danny Zuko? Not even the Fonz? "Heeeeeeeeey."

Just still keep product use in the moderate range, 'kay?

As long as you accept female dressing critique, you should be good to go.

Lost and Found said...

3 of my 4 suits have too much happening for your post to have addressed what ties would work with them- without being endless and including every mix and match of colors for suits. The black one I've got figured out, it's the other one's I have trouble with. Looks like I'm stuck with the female relatives for now.

Princess Lea said...

They're good to have.