Monday, April 15, 2013

What Drives You

When it comes to dating, the way I can gauge if someone is remotely on my planet is what makes him passionate. 

I was out with a fellow who mainly droned on in a sedate monotone, except for one instance, when he launched into the evils of home ownership. "What is up with those people," he suddenly fumed, eyes snapping, nostrils flaring, skin flushed, voice ringing with emotion, "who have big houses?" 

If I am going to get excited, I sincerely hope it is not about someone buying something they have money for. If that is the only topic that raises the ire of a potential suitor, after the myriad of subjects that were dissected over the last ninety minutes, it seems we are not for each other. (For obvious reasons, the only name available for this date is Karl.)

That made me consider: What makes me passionate? What are my interests that are tied to me so viscerally that I would fly into a frenzy to defend them?

I have pursuits, like clothes shopping. "Outta my way, outta my way!" as I lunge for a sales rack. Makeup, obviously. Quality and healthy foodstuffs.

Would you believe me if I said I wasn't completely materialistic? 

I was once getting heated about the concept of "shidduch crisis" on another outing with a bachelor. "Your voice is rising," he said, grinning mockingly. "Why do you take it so personally?" 

Why? I firmly believe it doesn't exist. I think those who talked it into being aren't acting very religiously. I think that most of today's generation are not ready for marriage at -21, and so if one is not wed by then it does not necessarily qualify as a curse, but perhaps a blessing. 

I don't see myself as a statistic. I see myself as an individual, with my own personal needs and wants. If I am not married yet it is not because of a worldwide "crisis." It is because, mayhap, the Eibishter has His own plans

I may like Star Wars, along with clearance racks, Sephora, and healthy diets. But that is not what will make me click with another human being. It has to be shared, cosmic beliefs at the gut-level.


The Beckster said...

Preach sista!

FrumGeek said...

I have an issue with getting passionate about too much, be it politics, comic books, religion, Doctor Who, feminism (I'm against the concept), animals (I can argue with an animal rights activist for hours), even mindless stupid trivia, and well, just about everything. Except sports, make-up, and shopping :P

Princess Lea said...

Beck: Amen!

FG: Yeah, I hate feminism too. But I'm allowed to, since I'm a girl. Guys should avoid the topic.

Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

When I was dating and decided I wasn't interested in the girl I'd bring up discussion topics like "Kirk vs Picard: who's really the better captain?" (Kirk, hands down), "Who is your favourite Doctor" (the third one) and "Do you think changing Yoda from a muppet to a computer animated pile of pixels was a good move?" (Hell no)
I'm quite passionate about all of them. Somehow none of my dates were.

Single on the Scene said...

3 words: Dance dance revolution :)

Princess Lea said...

MGI: Um, excuse me, it is totally Picard, duh. As for Yoda to CGI, in all fairness his fight scenes were then da bomb. A puppet couldn't do that, sadly.

SOTS: I really should. It would get rid of so much stress.

FrumGeek said...

I'm glad to see PL agrees with me about Picard. As for Yoda, I still think it woulda been cool to let Henson's Creature Shop at least try to do the fight scenes (the did some for muppets, right? And the old TMNT movies?) At the very worst, it still woulda been really funny to watch :)

And MGI: The tenth Doctor is the best, hands down. He's MY Doctor. (Though I really do like the 8th, its a shame he was given so little to work with and we only got to see him once.)