Sunday, April 7, 2013

Furry Face

The beard is not a look I am familiar with.
My grandfather was clean-shaven even in the old country, sporting only a manicured mustache. The other Zeidy's visage was shaved free of any stubble at all. Ta has always been clean-shaven; my brothers by blood and by marriage are all quite attached to their Norelcos, although they do grow rather charming goatees during the times of year when facial hair is left untouched. 

But the beard is becoming popular in the secular world, as seen in Jimmy Kimmel's "Hipster or Hassidic" bit.

So, for the Jewish male who likes his whiskers, there are now many products to avail of, as observed in the NY Times. If one's facial hair needs moisturizing to reduce itch and become softer and more manageable, for instance, there is beard oil

If concerned that product will be emasculating, just remember that is why one has a discreet medicine cabinet to store "non-manly" items.       


Elisheva said...

Ha that video is hysterical. I'm not a big fan of beards either, but the thought of an well-oiled and moisturized beard seems somehow worse than a wildly untamed one.

The Beckster said...

That video! I loved the last bit when the Hasid was like "I'm not a hipster. I am a Jew. You can check me out on Facebook." Ah!
As far as beards are concerned, I think that some guys look even cuter with a bit of a scruff. But that's just me...Every girl's got their own preference obviously.

Princess Lea said...

Elisheva: Not a greasy beard, just a non-itchy one. I'm sure the wives of the furry-faced wouldn't object to a little moisturizer.

Beck: It's an accessory that doesn't suit everyone. Like when a man is in middle age and one half of his beard is brown and the other half is white. Not uniformly.

Depending on the face, I like some scruff.

Lost and Found said...

That was a great video!! Loved the last guy. Totally unexpected. I'm wondering if it was just said for the sake of being said; wouldn't be surprised to discover he doesn't actually have one.

Princess Lea said...

Why not? At least Google+.

Lost and Found said...

Google+ anyone who has a Gmail account automatically has. It's not really an actively signed up for account like Facebook. I know, "don't assume," but I found it to be a bit far-fetched that he'd have one.

Princess Lea said...

I've just noticed that amongst chassidim or the yeshivish, Google+ is considered the be the acceptable form of FB.

Lost and Found said...

Not being a user of social media, aside from my newly created Twitter account, I wouldn't have come across that. It's a very interesting observation considering how they're virtually the same thing.