Monday, November 18, 2013

Battle of the Bulge: False Sense of Security

I would say the most insidious words in the English language are: "But I've been so good . . ." 

They are, in essence, a gateway drug. 

"But I was at the gym the whole morning . . ." 

"But I haven't had cake in two days . . ." 

"But what can one little bite do . . . make that two bites . . ." 

Of course we all need some wiggle room when it comes to an eating plan. But there is a difference between rationalization and awareness.
When "grazing" outside the sell-placed criteria, don't tell yourself "It can't hurt." Tell yourself, "Yes, I am eating this calorie-choked seven-layer. I am conscious of the gleeful fat swirling through my system. I will watch myself very carefully for the next few days to compensate." 

There is a trim man in his 60s in my neighborhood. If he overindulges one day, he spends the next only drinking tea. 

Yeah, that's not me. I'll just spend the following week on green soup instead.    


rar said...

What show is that picture from?

FrumGeek said...

The Nanny, by the looks of it

Princess Lea said...

"The Nanny" it is!