Thursday, November 21, 2013

Walking Toward the Light

I recently acquired a new friend, and one of the things I love about her is that she is always up for a stroll. When we meet up, we just walk, for hours, and chat.
The only photo I could find of two women walking in skirts.
While both of us are keeping watch on our waists, there are also all sorts of health benefits to walking, never mind it being practically the lowest-impact form of exercise.

David Hochman's article "Hollywood's New Stars: Pedestrians" describes the L.A. love for automobiles, and how they are gradually learning to leave their cars at home. 

New Yorkers don't understand this, since driving in our clogged city streets is tantamount to suicide. Never mind Manhattan; my idea of hell is to drive into Borough Park on erev yontif

My neighbors find me a bit soft in the head for walking to public transportation in the morning. It's a little over ten minutes, not really enough to justify leasing another car. They slow down when they see me striding along, and beg and plead that I get into the car, weeping to see me move from Point A to Point B on foot. 

Hochman references Nilofer Merchant, who is trying, for our health and productivity's sake, to sell the concept of "the walking meeting." 
It seems my puny stroll twice a day does not cut it. But I don't think my office is going to sanction treadmill desks anytime soon.

Years ago I had a meh date, but because suitable locales for sitting and chatting weren't available, we ended up wandering along dark streets. I have to say, simply walking and talking took a potentially painful evening and made it bearable. 

Now to find a pair of date-appropriate footwear that won't blister my heels.    

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