Friday, November 29, 2013

Lip Brush Found

Lip brushes are vital for applying lipstick. Unlike eyeshadow, or blush, where the more blended, the better, lipstick is reliant upon definition and shape.
I used to depend on a retractable lip brush which has since, most regrettably, fallen apart. I bought a replacement from Maybelline, but I had no success with it. The bristles were too malleable, unequal to the task of picking up pigment and applying it evenly. 

Silly goose that I am, I figured that there was something wrong with my skills, and simply did without, which left my lips looking . . . eh, okay. 

Trying to make a minimum $25 order to make free shipping on Amazon, I purchased for what-the-heck-ness a Revlon Covered Lip Brush
It wasn't my fault! It was Maybelline's fault! 

The Revlon brush is made from stiff, synthetic bristles, which easily picks up pigment and dispenses it. The brush has a cat's tongue tip, making it ideal for precise application. ★★★★★, and a thumb's up.


Anonymous said...

Did you just link to a video with pink eyeshadow?!

Princess Lea said...


I am so sorry. This is no way reflects a change of heart, pink eyeshadow is evil! This is of vital importance, people!

Focus on the LIPS ONLY!

Thank you, Anon, for pointing out this most grievous error on my part. What was I thinking?