Friday, February 14, 2014


She was an attractive sight, I must admit. She entered the wedding with the added allure of confidence, which heightened the flattering dress she wore, black with pink rosettes. 

But why, for the love of Dior, was she wearing a white tee underneath?

If she had gone with black instead, then the fact that the dress was sleeveless would have been less obvious, and then she really would have nailed the look. 

I scratch my head as I am constantly bumping into frum meidelach who opt for white tees with black or other dark-hued dresses or tops. Even if the dress is of lighter hue, black provides a sharper contrast than white or off-white.
At a Shabbos sheva brachos, the kallah was wearing a chiffony off-white dress. Instead of trying to match it ineffectually with a similar tee, she wore it with black instead. My! She looked so chic! 

White tees also, sadly, do not age well, for the most part. In no time they become dingy and pimpled. However, black, if it is washed with care, remains in visible good health. 

Additionally, I have to admit that my upper arm is not as er, toned as I would like. A white tee, as I cringingly witnessed, details every jiggle, expanding and drawing attention to the area. Black does the exact opposite. 

Navy, dark brown, and the like are all permissible if they match better than black. 

Now, a quiz: What color tee would you wear under this?
Ellen Tracy
Yes, there is white in it, but no. The correct answer is: 


Paul and Joe Sister

You guessed it, BLACK! 


tesyaa said...

I wear my black shells more often than my white, but I'll wear white to work with a plain black dress in summer when I (bedavka) don't want to look too fancy. In general, though, a sleeveless dress with a tee is not a dressy look - however fancy the tee and the dress.

FrumGeek said...

Hm. I see your problem. You should start doing push ups and buy some weights. Not a lot, just do it a few minutes a day here and there. You don't want to be huge, just toned.

(Yes, as a guy, THAT is what I took out of your post :) )

Princess Lea said...

tesyaa: In the case of those who do wear tee beneath a dress for evening occasions, "upgrading" the tee to something that does cost rather more does take away the "casual" sting, and the tee MUST be black in those sort of situations!

FG: Too lazy to work out. Will utilize smoke and mirrors instead. :P

Tovah11 said...

FG: Too lazy to work out. Will utilize smoke and mirrors instead. :P

LOL! Good one and my philosophy also.

Princess Lea said...

There are many tricks in the book, and I intend to use them all!

Anonymous said...

I vehemently disagree with this, particularly for the summer months. Too much black in the summer is awful. All of the dresses you posted would be perfect for summer events with a white shirt underneath, while black would be too off season.

Princess Lea said...

Ah ah ah, I am not advocating FULL black, you see. I don't hold from it, really, unless it is a black dress or suit.

The sample dresses are bright and colorful; it is only the sleeves I am decreeing black, a minor detail and should not increase sweating.

Black knows no off-season, the same way white has been free to frolic past Labor Day. What is seasonal is fabric weight, such as wool vs. cotton.

sporadicintelligence said...

There are also other shades to consider, (I'm thinking really of the Ellen Tracy dress, love it, btw) Taupes, Beiges and Nudes can often be a good consideration....

But when in doubt, black is the way to go.

...not to knock my OOT sisters, but they're terrible with matching shells. Just one example, a girl in shul was wearing a beautiful black cut-out lace top, wore a light blue shell underneath. Super cheap.

Princess Lea said...

I'm still searching for the ideal nude that won't strangle me at an inopportune moment.

Oh, dear. Light blue? How does one find light blue? Light blue?

Seriously, light blue?

(I seem to be stuck in a loop. But the visual is a lot to handle.)

littleduckies said...

With the first dress I would probably wear a brown shirt underneath.

Princess Lea said...

A viable option. As long as the hue is flatteringly dark.