Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Destination Husband

It has always been my fantasy that Han will be a local. Since traveling leaves me looking and feeling like roadkill, I have hoped that I would not have to resort to planes or ten hour car trips when the time comes. 

Luke, however, thrives on travel. He doesn't care where. Exotic or mundane, a trip is a trip. 

So when guys are suggested to me and I stupidly mention them to Luke, he becomes excited just hearing their hometown. 

Boston? Ooh.

L.A.? Aah. 

London? Giggle. 

Sydney? Cha-ching! 
"Luke, if any man goes traveling with me he'll dump me on the spot," I remind him, but to no avail. 

"Maybe the next one will be from somewhere near Vale," he sighs dreamily. "Then I can go skiing straight from the afruf." 

"By the way, the guy from South Africa is not happening." 

"No safaris?" He is crestfallen. "Newman!" 


Anonymous said...

Unless your going to get married after a week I don't understand how long distance dating can work if your not within driving distance of each other.

FrumGeek said...


Princess Lea said...

For the fellers from the Southern Hemisphere, thankfully they were currently transplanted to the States. But for them to visit home? Shiver.

My idea of driving distance would be a half hour, max. Mmmm.