Monday, February 3, 2014

Macklemore in his Batman Zeldy

When the kinfauna began to arrive with steady regularity, the closets had to be stocked with emergency attire, and zeldies rule the day.

They are known by many names; footed onesie, footie, footed pajamas, sleepers, one-piece p.j.s, etc. We call them zeldies because when Luke was a rambunctious kiddie in the bungalow colony, the little girl he always ran around with, Zeldy, wore them exclusively. He called the sleepers "zeldies" by association, and the term stuck. Even the in-laws Orgiana and Beru, along with the kiddies, call them "zeldies."

Young 'uns, as we know, can be restless sleepers. They toss, they turn, they flail. The blanket usually can't keep up. One thing is for sure—sleep is deeper when the room is colder as opposed to warmer, but at the same time the child should not be exposed to the chilliness. 

Enter the zeldy! Layered atop a thinner pajama, children remain toasty from the neck to the tippy toes.
Great also for Succos-time, when bulky coats take up space in the not-so-roomy of huts. They provide streamlined warmth. 

The closets in the house are bursting with options, from infant to age 14 (they were being practically given away at Target; Ma couldn't resist).   

"I wanna zeldeeeee!"

Can do. 

There is photographic proof that I used to live in one, but lately I haven't found them personally appealing. But after seeing Macklemore in a Batman zeldy . . . 
Ooh, maybe I'll get me one.


FrumGeek said...

Omg buy it for me!!!

tesyaa said...

We called them blanket sleepers when my kids were little.

Princess Lea said...

FG: Available in the above:

or Classic:

They also make Superman.

tesyaa: The blankie you can never toss off!