Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I haven't gone to many singles events (well, make that one and a half). Due to the residual trauma, I have been very discerning, until a lovely woman/shadchan (I mean that with all sincerity, she really is a lovely woman/shadchan) e-mailed me an invite to her function

Now, her I trust, so I sent a cheerful RSVP and a check, which would be going to tzedakah. I was told the details of the event (specifically the location and time) would be emailed later. 


The check was not deposited, and no updates were sent. I shrugged, figuring the event was canceled. 

On the day of, I was actually a limp husk, recovering from the flu. I still, for some reason, peaked at my inbox (while draped sideways on the bed), but no new information was forthcoming. 

A few weeks later, when I was upright again, my inbox pinged: The lovely lady was sorry that she had been not able to meet me at the event. 


I quickly contacted her that I had not gotten any updates, but it was just as well since I was incapable of standing for more than 15 seconds at a time anyway. 

But what I find intriguing is how I was willing to do what many refer to as hishtadlus (by attending a singles event), yet I was waylaid by not one, but two circumstances to prevent my going. 

As it turned out, after I was informed as to the clientele, I was thanking Hashem profusely for preventing my attendance ("the cure before the disease") as not one, but two Cradle Robbers were on the prowl (masquerading under creative imaginary ages).         

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