Friday, February 28, 2014

No Gluing Required

"Your lashes!" she gasped in delight. "Are they fake? Are you wearing, like, you know, those inserts?" 

"No, no—let me tell you about this great trick I just found out about . . ." 

Remember when I told all my lovely frumanistas about applying oil to eyelashes nightly? Well, I have to confess, when that post was put up I had only lash-oiled sporadically; usually following what I felt to be an abusive mascara-removal session, after a three-day yontif, for instance. 

About a week before the post, I began dabbing castor oil on my lashes every night, and quickly I began to see results. A number of lashes began to grow ridiculously long. New lashes were also beginning to grow in right above where my lash-line ends. Smaller lashes were filling in the base.
Not me, but another satisfied lash-oiler.
From what I read online, the oil in question does not have to be castor. Coconut, avocado, olive, and the like are also options, as is blending them. Instead of prescription lash serums with scary pigmentation side effects, all one needs is a little grease.  

All this new growth means I have more real estate to apply mascara to. Along with the black powder eyeliner I dab into the lash base with an eyeliner brush (it is applied beneath the lashes, not above), I am left with a strong appearance of fullness.

I discovered my new mascara love, Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara, after a number of letdowns. I never had any joy with the original Diorshow, even though it is the gushing favorite of, well, everyone, but after three tries of dried-out goop they were returned with an exasperated wave of hands.
Iconic Overcurl does what I expect my mascara to do, which is separate, define, plump, lengthen, and fix the kitchen sink.

A few sidecomments:
  • Do not rub the eyes. That encourages not only sagging, but lash fallout.
  • False lashes are not good for natural lashes. If donned sporadically and removed carefully, however, they don't leave lasting damage. Keep them just for special occasions.
  • Remove eye makeup every night gently, lovingly. I soak a cotton round in makeup remover and lightly swipe it along the eye area in one direction. Make sure it is a good remover so that rubbing isn't necessary. Then apply the oil of choice thoroughly with a q-tip. 
I own an eyelash curler but I haven't yet used it. For the sake of progress and experimentation, I'll try it and report back. Soon. Ish.       


SpordicIntelligence said...

You never used an eyelash curler?! They give me my femininity (I have itty bitty stubs for lashes). You must to be trying it! (Just don't squeeze too hard, I lost a few lashes and had a bald spot once)...

But does the oil thing really work? Because it sounds so good, but I'll do it only if it works.

Can you give more explicit direction on how to and where to apply the oil, and how much (it's not gonna get all over my pillowcase?)

Danka :)

Princess Lea said...

Hence my fear of the curler; I am terrified that some of my newly regrown babies will be torn from me. I tried it before Shabbos, though, and I must admit the results were quite charming.

The oil thing (for me, at least) REALLY WORKS. I'm still dazed over the results.

After removing the day's mascara, dab a q-tip in a little oil and rub it into the base of the lashline (since I wear contacts I had to break the frantic blinking reflex a long time ago). It has to be done every night, not sporadically.

You don't need much; my pillowcase is smeared with Shabbos mascara, not oil spots. My morning it will have sunk in.