Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ding-Ding-Ding, Ahem

I first discovered the world of Jewish bloggers after reading an article in The Jewish Week, in which Bad4 was prominently featured. Curious, I visited her site, was swiftly hooked on her musings, and followed links to other blogs, greedily reading whatever came my way. 

Jewish blogs tend to boast a soothing smoke-screen of anonymity, and I like it this way. Personalities (outside my sphere in reality) and I are able to interact, chat, commiserate, discuss, disagree, violently type each other off, etc., all without having to worry about avoiding them in real life. Bliss.

Enter Bad4's celebrated Ice Cream Meets, of which a few I was able to attend, providing they did not clash with my bedtime. To be introduced to the hailed author of rational female frum thought, along with other like-minded starry-eyed fans, was certainly a pleasure.   

As for the blog, I commented when I felt strongly enough about the discourse, but was content to leave it as such. The idea that I, too, could have a blog (like the rest of the universe; there are probably Martians on did not occur to me until that fateful day, April 1, 2011. 

Bad4, as an April fool's joke, posted that she was engaged, which shook me to my very core (did I mention my high gullibility quotient?) Of course, I was happy for her (really!) but I was deluged with potential ramifications. An engaged blogger, especially one who primarily analyzed the dating scene, was a defunct blogger. Marriage would not improve that situation.
I had begun to rely on Bad4 as a reliable source of droll prose, and now she was leaving me. I had to deal with the situation with clear-headed logic. 

I would start a blog. 

When I was informed as to Bad4's actual engagement, my coping mechanism for her prank was almost three years old. She was the best of promoters; so hallowed is her name that by linking but a few of my posts, she provided me with a regular reading clientele. For that I am grateful beyond words.

I had never truly realized that writing can be a vocation as gripping and as vital as, say, breathing. Bad4 ushered me into the independent forum of blogging, where I was able to grease my rusty digits into activity, because, quite simply, if you don't use it, you lose it. I therefore hope that even if Bad4 chooses to abandon blogging, she will not leave writing behind. 

(With glass in hand, raised to the happy couple) And so, Bad4 and Right4Bad4, Mazel Tov, and I salute you for the inspiration, encouragement, and the laughs.
(Glug glug glug) This is non-alcoholic Champagne, right?   

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