Thursday, August 7, 2014

Author: Bernard Cornwell

I was in the library, gleefully picking up a stack of requested books, when a fellow reader, a man in his 60s in a basketball jersey and shorts, caught sight of one of my items. 

"You're reading a Cornwellian series?" 

"Hm? Oh, yes." At the bottom of my pile was Sharpe's Waterloo, the 22nd book in the Sharpe series by Bernard Cornwell.  "I also really liked his Arthurian saga."
"My God," he breathed. "The perfect woman."

The Sharpe series is about a fictional British soldier and his experiences in historical battles. Despite the vivid descriptions of splashing blood, spilling guts, and the vagaries of early 19th century weaponry, I'm gripped.
Richard Sharpe, played by Sean Bean (sans his sardonic scar)
I really dug the Arthurian saga (which is officially referred to as The Warlord Chronicles), but I wasn't that crazy about the Grail Quest novels (although there is a stand-alone sequel, 1356, that I'm willing to try). Now visiting the wiki-page, I'm delighted to discover two more series I have yet to read, the Saxon Stories and the Starbuck Chronicles.

On! On!
Via, Sharpe's Eagle  

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