Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Can't You People READ?

Yet again, I found myself at the mercy of a so-called "shidduch organization."

They requested I e-mail them my information first, and after "reviewing" the profile (since that takes so very long), an appointment will be scheduled for a flesh-and-blood meeting.

We settled about the table, the two seriously flipping open notepads, pens poised. I felt as though I was being inspected by mental health professionals. What manner of deep and dark inquiry would this be that required a face-to-face introduction?

The interrogation began.

"What's your e-mail address?"

That's on my profile.

"How old are you?" 

Check the profile.

"How tall are you?" 

Cast a glance on the profile. 

"What do you do?"

Profile, lady.

"Where did you go to school?" 

Did you even look at the profile?

"How many siblings do you have? How old are they? Who are they married to?" 

Profile, profile, profile. 

"OK, we'll keep in touch. Please make the check out to—" 



Single on the Scene said...

Ha-luv this. Atleast no one around the table pulled out a polaroid and snapped an add-lib photo of you=deer in headlights view :)
been there=done that

Princess Lea said...

NO. Do you know how many shots on a quality camera it takes to get one barely tolerable? And we're Hungarian yet, which means we're always photo-ready!

They should really license people before buying Polaroid cameras, like they do with guns.