Friday, August 1, 2014

One Way Or Another

I had barely seen my 10-year-old niece that weekend. With so many families sharing one roof, she had happily disappeared amongst her cousins, and I was not one to meddle with such peaceful interludes

However, at the Shabbos meal, she took a seat next to me, and casually draped her arm across my shoulder. I looked down at her alabaster hand, curving lovingly about my upper arm. I turned back to peer into her freckled face, and she smiled tenderly at me, halo aglow with lovingness. 

"You've seen the Toys 'R' Us catalog, haven't you?" 

Her response was a charming flutter of eyelashes. 

"How much?" 

"Two hundred dollars," she crooned. 


Her nose wrinkled in annoyance, but she was determined, snuggling adorably into my side.    

Well, I might as well enjoy it while it lasts.


Anonymous said...

that's bold. i approve of her courage if not her methods.

Princess Lea said...

I haven't managed to make her fear me the way the others do.